Twitch shapes intro / motion graphics tutorial

Hi guys, it’s new motion graphics tutorial. Here i’ll made animation with circle shape layers in After Effects. And of course i used a twitch plugin. It’s very cool plugin, and sometimes really useful. If you don’t have it, you can find it on
One of my subscribers gave me the basic idea of this video. He sent me a video with a similar animation and asked me how it’s done? Animation seems interesting, so I recorded this tutorial today.



  1. How does he select the specific keyframes and group them near eachother when adjusting them? For example, at the 4:00 mark, the properties size, start, end, and stroke width are all selected and grouped together even though in their original locations they're all separated. Any answers?

  2. I need something done like this, how much would you charge to have this one done for me? If anyone else can do this please let me know

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