Twitch shake effect – vegas pro amv tutorial

I’m so sorry that there were no tutorials for such a long time, but now I will make tutorials twice a week.

Download link:

In this tutorial I will show you how to make twitch shake effect in vegas pro (sony vegas).
If you have any question/tutorial request – feel free to ask me!



  • PaperReaper 1 year ago

    Very VERY VERY THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN! its 2019 but its still works. and its not survey, not virus omg thank you so much!

  • OmenXXG Suicide 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for making the tutorial so easy and understandable

  • d0ggity 1 year ago

    it worked but its so much work for a shake effect :/

  • Minona_msp 1 year ago

    Did you dowload the effects?

  • kez 1 year ago

    I think vertical shakes would lool better, but idk hoe to make dem ree

  • Shyo amv 望み 1 year ago

    ¿Tienes Facebook o Twitter?

  • TV AMV 1 year ago

    More Sony Vegas!

  • uni que 1 year ago

    Love it but i can t clearly see the amounts….

  • dizzy 1 year ago

    Трек можно?)

  • sara 1 year ago


  • Saile Phantom 1 year ago

    what names the musics 0:02 and 0:18 ?

  • Unit- 1 year ago

    у меня нет linear blur

  • elizbeth u 1 year ago

    thank you <з
    perfect music and tutorial 🙂

  • Akanai 1 year ago

    Is this a Sv15? If so, can it this be at 14?

  • RedCube Gamer 1 year ago

    EY!!!! help me
    can you make the quality more cinematic?

  • Fechperdos 「sɪɴʜ」 1 year ago

    можно музыку что в превью эффекта?

  • nobody likes you 1 year ago


  • Criston Lobo 1 year ago

    whats the song

  • Laplace 1 year ago

    Super Thanks! Make some more tutorials!
    If possible, make a 3d movement tutorial!

  • RedCube Gamer 1 year ago

    in 10 sec 1,227 view

  • Ayano AMW 1 year ago

    Glad to see you again

  • Aditi Chopra 1 year ago

    i really like your tutorial & have helped me alot in after effect to learn. keep up the good work.

    can you make a tutorial on how to make the screen float in every beats like the video in the link….its so cool to watch it

  • Kingyundi 1 year ago

    Preset pack?????????

  • slympy 1 year ago


  • freedom. 1 year ago


  • iDaywalker 1 year ago

    Love it!

  • Ice Heart 1 year ago

    can you make a tutorial on this bounce effect?

  • Kouhai 1 year ago

    Nice tutorial
    I think you should tell what values you're setting for the effect(sometimes I can't see them XD)
    and state on which frame you are placing the key frames on.

  • :repain 1 year ago


  • a r t i s t 1 year ago

    ty 🙁 but svp is shit :I

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