Twitch Plays Pokemon with Python 3.6 Tutorial #1

In this video we lay the groundwork to build a bot that reads and responds to twitch chat and passes controls into a game emulator so you can do something like twitch plays pokemon. We touch on getting an OAUTH token, connecting with sockets, establish how to read the output with a readbuffer and how to exit the loading sequence.

Where to go for the OAuth token |



  • IGAME IN 4 years ago

    when i type the line irc = socket.socket()
    It has an error next to the line saying undefined variable socket.

    please help

  • Echelay 4 years ago

    He mentioned linus!!!!

  • Parker Adams 4 years ago

    my D pad is not responding. I can press A and B, but cant move down, up, left, or right.

  • Kevin Jin 4 years ago

    You don't even need the joinchat and loadingComplete functions, the program literally runs fine without them. .decode() and .encode() are not needed either


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