Twitch Live Tutorial: Photoshop hotkeys for Autodesk SketchBook

Are you used to photoshop, but you wanna use SketchBook? Renée shows you some of the common hotkeys you’ll want to learn. Recorded live on our Twitch channel! Come join us- be sure to subscribe! — Watch live at



  • Wolfy_ Cookies 2 years ago

    the zoom pan thingy wont work on me
    well im obsessed in editing but im a noob but it wont work well i think its a badluck i guess

  • Bluekoinu 2 years ago

    B button doesn't do anything, I don't see a transform tool, when I want to move items I can't nudge them, and not all the arrow keys work in this program. What's up? I am using the desktop version that I JUST downloaded off your site. Also been trying to make a short cut key so I can easily swap between the brush and eraser like I would do in Photoshop.

  • brewtime 2 years ago

    Heyy! When I zoom in and out I zoom really fast. How can I change that?

  • Simon W 2 years ago

    Doesn't work for me. I hold b and nothing happens? Even the bracket keys don't change the size of my brush.

  • pInku b011 2 years ago

    It might just be because I have a different computer, but mot everything works for me

  • Slate Sempai 2 years ago

    I use a lot of art software. Yet this is still a struggle for me.

  • Yoru 2 years ago

    how can i fix the zoom its zooming into to far and to far out

  • Mika Flores 2 years ago

    Is there any shortcuts for the eyedropper?

  • Zaguya Arts 2 years ago

    Nun of these keys work for me.

  • Scott Wegener 2 years ago

    Linking one of the buttons on my stylus to bring up the lagoon (rt-click) has totally changed my workflow, and I love it. Thank you for showing me that trick at ECCC! I set up all me most used tools in the lagoon and it is fantastic. I especially LOVE the transparent ink as eraser.

  • Woody 2 years ago

    I love it😻😻👌🏻

  • Israel Ramjohn 2 years ago

    The transparent ink tip! I've been a SBP user for years and you've enlightened me. Recently I was fussing about having to flip my stylus over to erase. Thanks much!

  • SynthWaved 2 years ago

    umm got a question do sketchbook have animating for sketchbook

  • Gar Mar 2 years ago

    Thank you, Renée. You put on a very good presentation! I keep missing the live Twitch broadcast because of work. Gaaaaahhrrr!

  • Janet Garcia 2 years ago

    love that 'b' key!

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