Twitch Live Tutorial: Importing textures into SketchBook

RenĂ©e shows how to import textures from into SketchBook and use blending modes to change the effect. — Watch live at



  • James S 11 months ago

    WHAT!! It didn't answer the fundamental question that I need. How the bloody heck do you add a gradient to a selection of clipping!!?

  • ryn AL habeeb 11 months ago

    The music is very very annoying I want to watch the full turtle but the music is torture

  • Chris Hill 11 months ago

    …or to really be safe with your artwork…just make your own textures!

  • RSilience 11 months ago

    Thanks Renee!

  • Trickster Illustrations 11 months ago

    What hotkey lets you target all those layers at once like that?

  • SameOldRocket 11 months ago

    Didn't know this feature before, cool. Now I'm going to use my new found knowledge to go forth onto the internet and steal billions of dollar worth of textures! I will bankrupt the entire art world with what you have taught me! Bwah-hah-haaaaa!!!!!

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