Twitch – How to Get the Subscribe Button in 2019

A short tutorial on how to get the subscribe button on your twitch channel in 2019.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Wallpapers I use:

– min. 500 minutes broadcasted in the last 30 days
– min. 7 unique broadcast days
– average of at least 3 concurrent viewers
– at least 50 followers



  • U҈K҈E҈_҈B҈O҈M҈A҈Y҈E҈ 11 months ago

    Hey bud I have a button for sub a gift but I want a subscription button how do you put the subscription button on my page? I’ve already completed all of my achievements

  • imaginary scenes 11 months ago

    Good content and good video it helped me a lot
    I completed 3 task remaining only one is there in path to affiliate

  • Buzzinggamer 11 months ago

    ive been streaming for more than 1 months nearly a yeah and still get 0 people in the stream

  • ShadezOnWii _ 11 months ago

    Can u follow me on twitch at ShadezOnWii to help me

  • Marijn Roeleveld 11 months ago


  • zo2 zo2 11 months ago

    my twitch is zo2zo2

  • Nathaniel Petie 11 months ago

    pretty easy if you have been streaming for a month beast_hunter9300 crying i feel bad for hat kid

  • HarroogaButAgain 11 months ago

    You only need 50 followers!?!? Damn… I thought it was a thousound. Anyway great video and straight to the point!

  • BilplayZ 11 months ago

    If you wanna help me out, my twitch is: @billyoxford1 I’m currently streaming valorant and doing drops

  • DeadKnight 11 months ago

    If anyone wants me to follow them just follow me at deadknight1991 on twitch and I’ll return the favor

  • Gost - 11 months ago

    Were do they send you the money do you link a PayPal or what do we do

  • FBI Agent 11 months ago

    You have earned a subscriber my dude

  • RuospoFNBR 11 months ago

    I am an affiliate but i dont have bits button and subscribe button

  • SmileGamez 11 months ago

    pretty easy if oyu have streamed for over a month.
    me:*has streamed for like half a year*

  • GeneralBlue 11 months ago

    I been streaming but cant make the requirements ☹

  • Gaming For Humanity 11 months ago

    Garbage video

  • TheFatalStriker 11 months ago

    This was such a nice video straight to the point, thanks !

  • Kino 11 months ago

    follow me on twitch Persuxions

  • MattDP 11 months ago

    the only fucking video that explained thanks. not others like go to partner tag accept subscribtion youre done

  • Actor Simon 11 months ago

    I have one question how can I experience my dashboard

  • Hatter_Hoovy 11 months ago

    i done this alredy and dint get it

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