Twitch: How to get Missing Item Drops | Rust Drop 2021 Guide

Watching streams for items, but not actually receiving items? Missed the claim notifications, and there are no notifications elsewhere? Well, if you missed the drop notification, some games require you to collect an item before time counts towards the next item. Unfortunately, the Rust 2021 Twitch item drops works this way. You need to claim one item successfully before stream watch time counts towards the next item.

Rust/Twitch link:
Check Twitch Drop Inventory:

0:00 – Explanation
0:20 – Check if drops are actually enabled
0:40 – Check Twitch Drop inventory, to claim items

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  • Michael Castaneda 6 months ago

    I don’t see that. Where I can unlink and link again

  • TecnoCR 6 months ago

    THX bro good vid

  • Crow 7078 6 months ago


  • Wild Bear 6 months ago

    Genuinley thank you so much bro this that wholsome content that deserves more respect

  • DubstepHD 6 months ago

    Is the pokimane garage door still available I wanna collect it so bad

  • Fznlzy 6 months ago


  • CroxThicc 6 months ago

    It doesn't have a missing drops option on the website for me

  • Johan Leksoe 6 months ago

    These tutorials are so dumb, like what to do after i claimed it, where is it on steam, or is it in the rust inventory?

  • Rob Otter 6 months ago

    Thanks for the vid, mate. Everything worked as described

  • Ari Gilgur 6 months ago

    Please help I did all the steps , because I did this exact thing about 3 days ago but now when I do the same thing, and I click on check for missing drops, the only thing that changes is it stays on checking for missing drops forever

  • Ari Gilgur 6 months ago

    my thing keeps saying checking for missing drops and it’s stuck on that forever, any help?

  • Frag Frog 6 months ago

    Tysm Its worked 10/10

  • [DEAD] Rob 6 months ago

    Bro it says I dont own rust when im signed in my account with almost 1k hours lol

  • Andrew Napijalo 6 months ago

    I can’t check for missing drops:(

  • Huck L. Berry 6 months ago

    thanks bro ive been trying for hours

  • WhyVandal 6 months ago

    Thanks! this was really helpful!

  • Mads Kaehne Kristensen 6 months ago

    i love you for this

  • SupahSquid 0 6 months ago

    i cant log in to the twitch drops i was loged in before now i cant log in and all my drops will not come in idk why :((

  • Harley Evans 6 months ago

    still nothing

  • Byron Dewaine 6 months ago

    I literally don’t even get a claim missing items button because it says my twitch is already linked to a steam account when I have disconnected it. Anyway someone could help?

  • Kol Solo 6 months ago

    very helpful for me so far

  • Gavin 6 months ago

    thank you so so so much this helped me a lot.

  • Raccoon Urza 6 months ago


  • Kruger04 6 months ago

    I checked for missing drops and it worked thanks

  • Lyitrix 6 months ago

    O bro I have a question, I have no rust but I collected twitch drops. Will my items come when I get rust connected to my steam account

  • Tameless 6 months ago

    I claimed and connected everything but I still don't have the glasses

  • Cringe Central 6 months ago

    What if I activated it and 2 days later I got hacked then when I got my account back I was banned in rust for 4 days and I finished the one to get the pants but I can’t find where to claim it

  • Paul Hynes 6 months ago

    I had a issue with missing drops, I had claimed them, I owned the game, I had linked the accounts I needed to. As it turns out either twitch or facepunch don't like the game being in the favourites section of the library. I removed it from favourites and did the "check for missing drops" and yep that did it

  • Gulavo 6 months ago

    Thank you kind sir dude

  • Matt Money 6 months ago

    I can't fucking claim the lilypichu fucking sweater and cant progress on anymore more fucking skins its been 2 days and its almost fucking over wtf

  • Kacper Graversen 6 months ago

    On my pc it says Error could'nt claim drop and reloading or logging out of twitch wont work! 🙁 i've watched 4 hours of a streamer but it doesnt help! ANYBODY?

    Edit: For my exact problem i just had to wait a little longer, (1 hour or so) and then i could claim the drop.

  • Cry4meXD 6 months ago

    Do you have to watch video or can you minimize it and watch something else while its running?

  • klubba 6 months ago

    If i dont have rust on steam will i get the items when i buy the game?
    How does this work?

  • EezyPzy 6 months ago

    I CLAIMEN all drops, but there not in my Steam INV!! WHY? PLS HELP

  • davidehu 6 months ago

    can i get a rust twitch drop without owning rust? damn i have no money for legal rust :/

  • Commander FKD 6 months ago

    Its saying i got the skins but thei are no in my invetury

  • The Hydra 6 months ago

    Thanks didn’t know I had to activate it

  • Tech 6 months ago


  • SnakyHaddock 09 6 months ago

    where is the description

  • ĸaѕperły 6 months ago

    100% you followed a tutorial on how to make your mic quality sound better and you ended up sounding like most youtubers

  • Willisavage 6 months ago

    clicking check for missing drops DOES do something. That's the only thing that worked for me

  • Kold_ Koolaid 6 months ago


  • Spooky Feller 6 months ago

    i claimed the drop before i link my steam did i fuck up or can i still get the skins?

  • Titan 6 months ago

    Thanks, I watched xqc for over 8 hours and got nothing, than I followed this video and it helped

  • wasior 6 months ago

    Why is not anyone streamer has drops enabled?

  • Diego 6 months ago

    I redeemed the 3 drops in Twitch and received none in my Steam inventory.

  • Natey Vibezzz 6 months ago

    i havent gotten a single reward i claimed

  • Dea Mitova 6 months ago

    ive linked everything and claimed everything and drops dont come in my inventory

  • Void_2_ _ 6 months ago

    Ty sooo much

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