• Michael's Lets Plays 1 year ago

    you helped me so much and i did my first stream tonight. i even got some one to join me in chat im so happy thanx.

  • Yuuce 1 year ago

    Really appreciate and respect what your channel's content about:)))

  • BrennanaBread 1 year ago

    I’m trying to moderate my chat with auto mods but I don’t even have chat options in my settings??

  • Gabriella Brancato 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for the info !! Didn’t had anyone to tell me how it worked.

  • Slayer_demon 1 year ago

    So i am starting twitch and completely new. When i start broadcasting, on the video screen is my icon along with chat details. How do i take that off the video?

  • Waifu Albedo Gaming 1 year ago

    ty very very very ver….y much

  • AFK Gamer 1 year ago

    Hi guys I am a small twich streamer that decided to stream fortnite and if you wanna play with me or watch my stream come an join.My twich name is progreentwins

  • Fr4ncesk4 1 year ago

    Just made one yesterday add me at Bbygirlfran #ps4

  • With These Hands 1 year ago

    Why? Today is my 1st day on twitch and I don’t understand the severity of why not to share your stream key? Why?

  • stealth_ 1 year ago


  • ACOnetwork 1 year ago

    Thanks for info =)

  • Jason Garton 1 year ago

    https://snapleakedpic.tumblr.com/hack You will find absolutely no insider secrets ! Get her S N A P C H A T leaked images !

  • Spark 1 year ago

    Thanks man! Deserves MORE VIEWS MAN!

  • Kaze M 1 year ago

    if you have time check me out https://www.twitch.tv/thebanishedalien

  • reedelux 1 year ago


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