Twitch Follower Count, Top Donations Labels

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My setup:

Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH m50x
Microphone: AT2020
Keyboard: Corsair K90 Vengeance
Mouse: Zowie AM

GTX 780
3770k i7 @ 4.4ghz
Asus Sabertooth Z77 MB
Western Digital 1tb x2 in Raid 0
8gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance



  • MEOW Noah 3 years ago

    how do u make the thing that shows duplicate of the same screen so small. when i try its jist a black screen behind

  • Keelan 3 years ago

    Wish This Worked For Like Android 😥

  • ScoutiverTTV 3 years ago

    This donation leaderboard is the shitties looking one, but i appreciate the tutorial.
    Wasnt it possible to do a top to bottom list?

  • Shanthez Gaming 3 years ago

    About the top donators, can i make a list instead of the scroll stuff, if yes, how?

  • TheTxxM 3 years ago

    Nice Tutorial bro;)

  • The Rambling Bard 3 years ago

    Excellent. Directions even work for XSplit. Thanks!

  • หลวงไข่ สายแข็ง 3 years ago

    Good job, Thank you.

  • TROLLgames 3 years ago

    THX FOR HELP, +1rep +1sub +1 like

  • xanScorp 3 years ago

    You should make one of these for the current OBS Studio since some moron there decided to screw it up. The text file which you edit in this video reverts regardless of how it is opened or saved. Also, much of what is seen in this video doesn't actually exist in Studio or the recent versions. Once again, yay for people "fixing" what works.

  • Dvärgen 3 years ago

    Not all heroes wear capes. Great job!

  • DS Productions 3 years ago

    hey, when do i restart session it automatically the text file goes to 0 instead of Todays Follower 0/5 ?

  • Arky_TV 3 years ago

    If im trying to do a Follower goal of 500 whitch lable should i use? thanks again for your help

  • Sheldon Gabriels 3 years ago

    For some reason my obs is different I dont get the option "Scroll Speed' and for follower account it gives me a random number. Can someone help

  • Cheesegrinds2 3 years ago

    So I keep trying to change the text in the files, but no matter how many times I save it, it always goes back to nothing

  • aalkeD 3 years ago

    hey my follower number drops constantly back towards zero after a few mins how can i fix this?

  • Thomas xRay 3 years ago

    nice dude, thanks you ! blue thumb 🙂

  • watchBlacktion 3 years ago

    What service are people using to get HOST stream labels? i.e. shows most recent host as well as viewer count from said host… HOW!?

  • jurassicsushi 3 years ago

    Question: Can you do a quick video on how to setup a Follower Goal count that shows current followers leading up to your goal. for ex. i have 122 followers. How do i make it so it says 122 / 250. then when i reach 250 i can change it to 250 / 500. etc etc. i am having the hardest time making this work. Any help would be appreciated. i would also like this to auto update as i get new followers whenever i stream.

  • madsmuz 3 years ago

    Can you show how to make a "Recent donator" and a "top donator" (not of all time but the current stream)

  • Christian Galdi 3 years ago

    Only helpful video on this topic

  • Alan Naidon 3 years ago

    How to reset the session ? 2017

  • MeKILLoH 3 years ago

    Bruh, it keeps resetting……

  • Galaxy 3 years ago

    time is 420000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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