Twitch Follower Count, Top Donations Labels

Check out my twitch I stream alot 😉
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My setup:

Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH m50x
Microphone: AT2020
Keyboard: Corsair K90 Vengeance
Mouse: Zowie AM

GTX 780
3770k i7 @ 4.4ghz
Asus Sabertooth Z77 MB
Western Digital 1tb x2 in Raid 0
8gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance



  1. You should make one of these for the current OBS Studio since some moron there decided to screw it up. The text file which you edit in this video reverts regardless of how it is opened or saved. Also, much of what is seen in this video doesn't actually exist in Studio or the recent versions. Once again, yay for people "fixing" what works.

  2. Question: Can you do a quick video on how to setup a Follower Goal count that shows current followers leading up to your goal. for ex. i have 122 followers. How do i make it so it says 122 / 250. then when i reach 250 i can change it to 250 / 500. etc etc. i am having the hardest time making this work. Any help would be appreciated. i would also like this to auto update as i get new followers whenever i stream.

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