Twitch Follower Alert Tutorial

Hey guys! Just a quick tutorial on using the follower alert notification using nightdev and OBS πŸ™‚
Link: Nightdev:
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  • Funnyboyo 2 years ago

    Hey iluvmmd, can You help me?

  • Ashu baba 2 years ago

    Nice tutorial…

  • K K 2 years ago

    Thanks, helped us a lot! ^^

  • Hardstyle Marko 2 years ago

    Not working for me

  • Streamer House 2 years ago

    Excellent vid, keep it up

  • fps_kane 2 years ago

    Sweet Video! πŸ™‚ Come check out my channel. We can swap subs! Lets make youtube great again!

  • EbleeZ 2 years ago

    do i have to name it 2? XD

  • Stunt Panda 2 years ago

    Thank you! The most important setting, which I can never seem to remember: &preview=true
    This lets you test your follower alert placement. After you're done with testing just set it to false, but keep in there, so you can test later.

  • Alickks 2 years ago

    when i clicked the same link as you it downloaded the version of obs with the browser. a completely different thing you downloaded

  • Alickks 2 years ago

    the dropbox part wasnt even in the video wtf

  • BlasterNick 2 years ago

    Good day, fantastic video! Hopefully you can check my clips out and give me some feedback on my playing skill. Thank you!!

  • Jason A 2 years ago

    Hehe trying to help myself but I just want to say TWITCH KEY cencor it so no one can hack stream on your twitch

  • Fortnite Funny clips 2 years ago

    you go to fast girls!

  • Diddrayntyrth 2 years ago

    mine says theres an unusual error

  • Jake Smith 2 years ago

    So how do streamers instantly know who follows without even looking at the preview or stream for example?

  • Vincent Te Hira 2 years ago

    lol u showed ur stream key…

  • vnux 2 years ago

    how can i get dat link on my own link???

  • MeowDot 2 years ago

    worse tutorial ever…. could you slow down ffs

  • Crablowars 2 years ago

    i cant hear or see that thing help me!!

  • Rick 2 years ago

    if i stream on my ps4 can i get a follower count or not?

  • RYS Cubas 2 years ago

    Nice video it really helped me out

  • Alien Boy 2 years ago

    omg thankyou so much i spent so much time trying to figure this all out πŸ™‚ defo sub

  • Dettering Hamilton 2 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Wewe Butt 2 years ago


  • Lo'Rong 2 years ago

    Thank you !

  • Crosby Films 2 years ago

    Site is out of date, had no clue what to do. the install button was completely different and it didnt even download a .rar file. Help pls

  • Gustav Noren 2 years ago

    wow i dont get it..i dont got that install button

  • IFC 2 years ago

    ok what if im streaming off my ps4

  • Evan 2 years ago

    do u have to keep ur computer on or can I stream from my Xbox and it will show

  • bebo butter 2 years ago

    you should've said your name instead of starting out with and today…. just for future reference and thanks for the vid

  • Szabo Laszlo 2 years ago

    I havent got the link what should I do<

  • Pawl 2 years ago

    ty this really helped me u made it look simple and easy and it was ty again

  • grave 2 years ago

    Talking To Fast

  • Daniel Fong 2 years ago

    For those who are getting the "Try clearing your cookies and cache error" make sure the sound file is a .ogg.

  • NightMare 2 years ago

    Why its showing this? = There was an unusual error that occurred. Try clearing your cookies and cache, and then refreshing the page.

  • GrimIsHere 2 years ago

    There was an unusual error that occurred. Try clearing your cookies and cache, and then refreshing the page. is what it is saying when I try to generate a URL

  • LTNK//LaToNicK 2 years ago

    how do i get the CLR Browser 2

  • VorexSlices 2 years ago

    Help when ever i download it and extract and and click the install.bat it doesn't work for my OBS

  • TycoonPvP 2 years ago

    This is Really Confusing i did exactly what she did but i dont get the clrbrowser pop up

  • Mrgreenjeans 2 years ago

    I currently stream a variety of console games. If you decide to follow and I can follow back πŸ™‚

  • 001Sparkie 2 years ago

    Doesn't work for me, installed yet there is no add clr browser option in obs.

  • Victor BrΓ€nnlund 2 years ago

    the website is down :/

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