Twitch Expression (Part 2) – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

So you want to make things twitch around but hate having to keyframe? Enjoy saving some sweet time with this expression tutorial series.

Part 2 of 6 of the Twitch Expression in Adobe After Effects. You can use this in any version of after effects so long as you can write expressions. If you follow all the steps though I’m sure you can do it.

If you’re finding this one too hard check out part 1 and go from there.

If this is too easy for you check out part 3, it’s a little harder than this one.

Youtube won’t allow the characters in the expression so… not totally sure how to get you the expression if you need it. But if you pause and look at it you should be able to get it. Any also typing is fun right?

Thanks for watching in have a nice day.



  • Martin Bajsić 12 months ago

    you can also right click on position and click "separate dimensions"… this divides "position" on x position and y position and you can alt click on the x stop watch and just wiggle that… other than that: thank you eca abrams for casting a little more light on how the expressions work in general with these twitch expressions tutorials!

  • Shane Taylor 12 months ago

    Great explanation on the arrays in the expressions.

  • ECAbrams 12 months ago

    I remember feeling that the phrase "better than notion" was hilarious at the time.I can't for the life of me remember why it sounded so funny though.

  • Skye X 12 months ago

    Level 2. Better Than Notion

  • Skye X 12 months ago

    Copy/paste is a likely culprit – they all say 6 of 6.

  • ECAbrams 12 months ago

    Good eye. Thanks. I miss many things like that in the upload, especially when uploading many things and abusing the copy/paste.

  • Skye X 12 months ago

    Mildly helpful comment: the description says "Part 6 of 6", instead of "Part 2 of 6".

  • ECAbrams 12 months ago

    The one you're seeing in this thing is a 1920*1080 displayed on a 24 inch. However, when I work I use a dual monitor setup over two screens of that size side by side. For tutorial purposes I try to cram everything on one screen for ease of recording.

  • Flavio Trillo 12 months ago

    Here you go, more delicious video views! Omnomnom…

  • Lucas Chiang 12 months ago

    thank you for this great video, you're the best, love you

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