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What’s going on guy’s! In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a glitchy twitch video in Final Cut Pro X! Demolish that like button if you enjoyed 🙂 Be sure to comment on my latest Instagram post too 🙂 I’ll follow some people back!

Credited to Tom J. McCoy::

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  • Aidan Lombard 2 years ago

    love you homo

  • Edward Vaughn 2 years ago

    oh yeah I'll definitely be back to you channel. thanks for the video!

  • YouSee Studio 2 years ago


  • Rung Productions 2 years ago

    Awesome vide and tips! This gave me some ideas

  • Austen Thomson 2 years ago

    Thanks for this!!

  • video 90 2 years ago


  • Sustainable Jungle 2 years ago

    Thanks Tuts, very helpful

  • cactuzx 2 years ago

    wTF I GOT A FCP AD?!

  • Bryan Sevillana 2 years ago

    Dude could u pls start with the finished product, makes it easier to follow.

  • PHOTOGOON47 2 years ago

    bro just show us and stop talking!!!jeez!!!you over explain!

  • TheDailyDanny 2 years ago


  • James Gyler 2 years ago

    intro song ?????

  • Alpine Skies 2 years ago

    God damn that was confusing

  • FollowTheBounce 2 years ago

    Thanks for this. Most useful

  • wmsproductions 2 years ago

    good tutorial man

  • Hunter Thiessen 2 years ago

    when i first tried this it worked perfectly, but now im trying to do/add the dame effect and for "bad tv" all its adding is static, not the glitch or the coloured lines anyone know what to do

  • Seb Jones 2 years ago

    how do you put the marker down

  • Marco Weckerle 2 years ago

    Hi, great video thanks. the thumbnail of your video shows  legs an NYC from above. have you a totorial from than effect? Thanks Marco

  • Danshapo 2 years ago

    I’m about to most a video with imovie exit tell me what you think about it

  • Alex Cio 2 years ago

    That's a very cool effect!
    The keyframes are the elements that bring your movie alive.
    If there is something to track, or anything that needs to be moved, it is done by key frames.
    Would recommend to everybody to learn them before going on with anything else…

  • Brody VanNortwick 2 years ago

    Bro you ad lengths are brutal! I can never skip them whats the deal love your edits but this gets annoying homes

  • SAMOSSBEATZ ENT 2 years ago

    Well done ! 🙂 It helped me so.. thanks for your work buddy 🙂

  • goleftimages 2 years ago

    Wow… I was watching that but couldn't handle all the 'go ahead' 'go ahead' repetition…..

  • Cora Reidarson 2 years ago

    How do you add the markers? And do you mind linking me to the key framing videos? Haven't used this software for months, and the new update is confusing me ^^'.

  • Nn61vlog 2 years ago

    At 3:33 minutes I tried to move the key frame 2 frames but I don't know how to do that ! Any help?

  • Kevin Angers 2 years ago

    Could you have used the handheld effect instead of the key frames?

  • VPM production 2 years ago

    Final cut pro x///Magic Door///VPM production official///Tutorial#5

  • ShirlinaFIT. 2 years ago

    Excited to try this out.. Thank you so much!

  • nyballer90 2 years ago

    Thanks bro

  • Sebastian Pucher 2 years ago

    whats that song called that he uses

  • nomorelettuce 2 years ago


  • joselyn marie 2 years ago

    i watched so many of your videos, I'm like falling in love with your voice

  • rayan ali 2 years ago


  • Yordany Taveras 2 years ago

    What song did you use?

  • sehluv 2 years ago

    gosh these tutorials are amazing! you're really good at explaining what you're doing! And you're just very easy to understand! (sry if there's any grammar or spelling mistakes! i'm from denmark so yeah..)

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