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Claim your spooky Twitch challenge inside the ‘Twitch Rewards in 0.8.9’ article!

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  • World of Warships Official Channel 2 years ago

    You can find our official World of Warships channel here:
    Let us know what kind of content you would like to see on our streams! If you had any issues with Twitch Drops – please relink your account in your profile.

  • Andrew Massey 2 years ago

    I keep getting sent to the russian site when i go to link my account . I play on the EU and nothing i do is fixing this . Any ideas?

  • jarekz 2 years ago

    There are almost no twitch drops. Several days of watching and one drop. It's funny ­čÖé

  • Th3Grimmi 2 years ago

    Any plans to re-introduce Twitch Prime bonuses for WoWS? Like its in WoT?

  • indefinity 2 years ago

    time to afk on a stream

  • Al7zeme 2 years ago

    Hello I have questions how can I contant my account ps4 to you so I can claim the twitch box

  • Nyananymous 2 years ago

    Mr_Gibs HYPE!

  • RICOLIVES116 PS4 2 years ago

    What about legends? Does this work with console?

  • Falcon Gamer 2 years ago

    Vay Be Demek Sende T├╝rk├že Dil Deste─čini Kald─▒rd─▒n WG ─░lk ├ľnce Warface Simdide Siz.Ve Burdan Gerizekal─▒ T├╝rk Gemisi Ekleyin Diyenleri ┼×unlar─▒ S├Âylemek ─░stiyom.Bu Oyun 1 ve 2. dunya savas─▒ndan kalan gemilerle ge├žio T├╝rklerin 1ve2 .dunya savas─▒nda gemisi yoktu.w tane Var Diyenlere ┼×unlar─▒ S├Âyleim.Onlar ALMAN Gemisiydi.Nys E─čer Yeteri Kadar Para Kazand─▒ramad─▒ysak Size 1000 doblon 20 lira nedir.Onun Yerine Steama Yatr─▒mak Daha Avatajl─▒ WG.

  • Darth Revan Peace Is A Lie 2 years ago

    Ah Dark mode quality

  • ERMINHO NINJA 2 years ago

    Serve para console ?

  • Thurman Austin 2 years ago

    It's not worth watching the videos on Twitch for drops. The Wargaming team explained that you can't have Twitch running in the background while you play. So either you have multiple computers on top of the ridiculous time it takes to watch and get a drop. Watch streamers for dozens and dozens of hours and prevent yourself from doing anything else on your computer is a complete and utter waste of time for ONE container. YMMV.

  • Bryce_GreenGG 2 years ago

    Will this be available for World of Warship Blitz in the Future?

  • Cute Doggos 2 years ago

    I got a twitch mission a few minutes after clicking to participate in a new twitch mission drop i seen on twitch wow game center while watching a warship stream.

  • Tpaktop2_1 NA 2 years ago

    I think this will help answer viewer's question "what are Twitch drops?" Good video guys. ­čĹŹ

  • Sven Tumba 2 years ago

    Did get a personal mission, accepted and when i look in personal assignment i cant see it.

  • sierra 117 MasterChief 2 years ago

    Wow so much calm voice

  • Alex Urban 2 years ago

    Was easter egg that account was from Czechia ?? (I am from Czechia)

  • DaManBearPig 2 years ago

    Nice vid, and agreed on dark mode. Dark mode needs to be offered for everything.

  • Noxide 2 years ago

    rip for me i am youtube streamer

  • tspike 2 years ago

    Moar Dasha plz! <3

  • Cute Doggos 2 years ago

    Can i get a twitch drop on a stream that has me listed as away instead of online?

  • Nilus Merakas 2 years ago

    The past week the Twitch notification tell me i got 1 container and 2 missions yet got only the container, probably was some kind of mistake but will try in the today'ss stream again

  • Alex Albis 2 years ago

    Why did the premium port naval base was removed :C

  • WarPro747 2 years ago

    What is the "certain amount of time" needed?

  • George Gkavlos 2 years ago

    "Several" is that a number? How many per patch?

  • mike fox 2 years ago

    It's gambling.

  • Alessandro Ippolito 2 years ago

    "Eventually" make me laugh

  • Kamanah 2 years ago

    Prior to WG removing drops from Twitch I was receiving crates, since then IÔÇÖve had nothing.
    Oh well.

  • Fllz _ 2 years ago

    Ok another RNG

  • acca*ÝâÇýÜö 2 years ago


  • Sonicspeed5050 2 years ago

    Do I need my phone number for this to work?

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