Twitch Dark Mode Tutorial – Desktop & Mobile (iPhone & Android)

Learn how to turn on dark mode on twitch mobile and desktop with just a few simple clicks.

In this Twitch quick tip video, I show you the fastest way to switch your Twitch account to light or dark mode. Now choose between twitch dark mode or twitch light mode for your viewing and browsing experience. Enjoy!

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  • Wild4Games 3 months ago

    Enjoy the video and found ti helpful, make sure to hit that sub button!

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    Omg tysm

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  • Ho? Mukatte kuru no ka 3 months ago

    it works but when i go out of full screen mibimalize twitch and/or move it around on my desktop it instantly goes away

  • Krasser Typ 3 months ago

    Wer ist hier nach dem Varion Video?

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  • Anime Potato :/ 3 months ago

    I was looking for a dark mode twitch feature not the actual thingy

  • Niemand Keiner 3 months ago

    Works great!

  • Yeet Thetatman 3 months ago

    Any way to enable dark mode without an account?

  • Alif bin Yosi Lizar 3 months ago

    Thank youu my eye is now good

  • Ecena 7 3 months ago

    Ty my eyes hurt

  • CGPhotoKandou 3 months ago

    I gadbalready darkmode for a lobg time vut also added a second account ob my android Phone by cloning the app. It wasnt in daro mode an forgot how to do it. Your video was an easy explaination and it was easy to do afterwards. Thank you!

  • Van Joppel 3 months ago

    Well doesn't work on my android

  • Kenneth_HD nke 3 months ago


  • Jacob Star 3 months ago

    1 thank you for the tip

  • Ryan Eaddy 3 months ago

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  • James Antoine 3 months ago

    thank you so much

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  • Shadowlurker4897 3 months ago

    Light mode is like a CS:GO flashbang

  • Nola 3 months ago

    It’s not there for me😕 I’m on iOS. When you show a cog wheel thing mine just says “edit profile” and it’s just to edit my bio or change my pfp. Don’t know what to do😔

  • Marcel 3 months ago

    In germany we say: DANKESCHÖN

  • Shasmecka Suryadi 3 months ago

    Thank you so much

  • JacobyAwesome123 3 months ago

    I was looking at twitch for 30 minutes IM BLIND.

  • KingLuis 3 months ago

    Thank u i have search it so long

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    Thnx bro

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    Dark mode all day everyday!

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