Twitch Clips Highlights Tutorial – Video Editing for beginners (Basics)

In this video I show how fast and easy you can make a compilation of your twitch clips. Twitch highlights are a great way to advertise your live streams and bring in more viewers.

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Twitch Clips Highlights Tutorial – Video Editing for beginners (Basics)

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  • Jarrod Diehm 5 days ago

    For editing free check out Davinci Resolve.

  • OutLaw Gaming TV 5 days ago

    More on Adobe perimeire edits

  • MYCOOLI1 5 days ago

    nice Caribbean gab my brother 😀

  • RATTOEZ 5 days ago

    thanks bro

  • Misha K Music 5 days ago

    what mic is that?

  • Projectenamel 5 days ago

    can i make compilation using diffrent streamers clips?

  • OHIO BENGAL 5 days ago

    I can never get to that twitch site, I always get redirected somewhere else, someone help me. What is that exact website

  • BoomBox Box325 5 days ago

    Cool 😀

  • GalactiChoir 5 days ago

    I'm looking to make video edits for people who don't have time to make them. I'm giving a few freebies to first few responders. hit me up on Instagram to see some of my work. You can hit me here on YouTube as well, but I'm on Instagram more often And a more likely to see those messages first.

  • ItsMeGregoryB 5 days ago

    Thanks a bunch for this! Great video!

    I'm attempting to teach myself this exact thing currently. My issue is that my Twitch clips are sometimes louder / quieter than others. In your video you mention this as well but were you going to make a video on this? Or would you have any resources / tutorials that are best to look into?

  • Alexi Samaan 5 days ago

    Is he using the Sony camera if so what lens is he using to create that blurr effect in back ground?

  • Fabian Rangel 5 days ago

    Absolutely great, have been trying to find a way to do highlights intro to every video of my lil ones YouTube channel but nobody showed what I needed. This is perfect, thank you. Liked and subscribed.

  • Jocelyn Parker 5 days ago

    Can you make a part 2? Just so we can see how to properly advertise it with subtitles, music, sounds etc. Thank you!

  • Kyrillos Faysal 5 days ago

    I am a big fan from Egypt. can i use this compilation on youtube channel without any copyright issues?

  • KittyKosmos 5 days ago

    Thank you for the advice. I recently lost my editor and I’m not sure if I have the extra time to do this, even though I’d like to, but this was very helpful.

    Another issue I’ve come across is the clip quality from the vods is poor, even though I stream at 720p 60fps. I’m hoping once I’m partnered and can stream at 1080, this will resolve some of the issue? Anyone else struggle with this?

  • Teeezet 5 days ago

    5:04, what you go in to?

  • GARLIC FINGAHS 5 days ago

    out of all the videos explaining ways to be a more successful streamer, yours are by far the most real, the most practical, and the most informative among them all. thank you for your time, Gael

  • pureskater08 5 days ago

    Great video, your videos are helping me straighten out my Twitch channel. I feel like more people need to watch these videos!

  • T-Rex DUB 5 days ago

    Really appreciate you making this video! Thank you is an understatement.

  • DylanMullaney 5 days ago

    Actually really love this video, very simple and motivating for someone like me who is brand new to editing. Thank you!

  • GQnAces 5 days ago

    Hey this is away from the topic of the video but I am not able to upload videos to twitch using the video producer. It uploads to 100% and then says processing error. Anyone know a fix to this issue?

  • Non Copyright 5 days ago

    Nice vid!

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