Twitch Chat Guesses the Rocket League Rank

An overconfident, cocky twitch chat vs Sunless in Guess That Rank: Live Edition!

Credit to Jayne:

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  • SunlessKhan 8 months ago

    I'm going to be doing this nearly every stream now that we have the system down. But only the really good ones will end up on youtube!

  • Frailium 8 months ago

    Even tho this is 8 months after, I’d have to say the comment “we are paid actors” was my favourite in the chat.

  • FuzzyWelk 8 months ago

    Twitch is SALTYYY,

  • Puddle Slime 8 months ago

    also the breack out (i can never spell that car correctly) had alpha boost

  • octagnl 8 months ago

    that plate champ 1 is literally a plat 3

  • octagnl 8 months ago

    that orange guy was not a gc

  • Ryan Hesler 8 months ago

    I’m better than this kid and I’m bronze 3

  • FX _9 8 months ago

    Wtf is with this player champ 1 and ge coudn't fly?????!!

  • Wes Hano 8 months ago

    Sunless: say hi guys
    jumb0rl: iM gAY

  • Isaac Ordonez 8 months ago

    "Dont use flat cars its science"
    -SunlessKhan 2019

  • bugger lugs 8 months ago

    The first guy had alpha boost

  • Mac Johno 8 months ago

    Of course you were going to win, this gameplay is all champ level which you are used to and have experience playing in, atleast half the chat are below diamond 2 so they have no idea what champ level looks like

  • Zolvez 8 months ago

    Twitch is always such sore losers

  • I couldn’t think of a cringe name Lol 8 months ago

    Holy shit that gc sucked I’m diamond and better

  • Carbon _ 8 months ago


  • Jimbo Johnson 8 months ago


  • Sam Hanson 8 months ago

    Run another comp with that dude that was champ 1 in the 4th one I actually believe diamonds and even high plays could beat them

  • Conard lincon 8 months ago

    All these players r terrible for their rank

  • Hank Hill 8 months ago

    Whats stopping people from just lying? They could submit a clip of them playing in plat 2 and say its champ 2

  • giraffe 23 8 months ago

    Sunless thinking: minecraft villager Noises

  • Fulmine 27 8 months ago

    Omg if the first one is c3 I'm a RLSC Pro cmom

  • Do You Mind 8 months ago

    How is it possible that all of these guess your rank clips look so slow and lower-ranked than where I am…… I don't get it.

  • If I get 200 subs I will eat a toilet seat 8 months ago

    How is he Champ 3!!! (The dominus guy, the 1st guy) I am genuinely shocked, I’m a GC and when I was champ 3 everyone was better than him

    No offence but my honest guess when watching was D1

  • Rvse Lachy 8 months ago


  • Jr Ismael 8 months ago

    I'm really bad but those guys were over ranked

  • Marco Sosa 8 months ago

    Bruh that first game made c3's look like dog😂😂 im a c3 and its nothing like that💀

  • Blytz 8 months ago

    11:42 If that is a diamond, I am a gc (eu player here)
    edit: he's champ
    WHAT REGION???????

  • BlaineFN 8 months ago

    That champ 3 looked horrible

  • Fuzzy 8 months ago

    I swear NA players are way more worse than EU players (discluding the pros)

  • Dominic Gervasio 8 months ago

    Whats a twitch?

  • Taran Saini 8 months ago

    Don’t use such a flat car.
    Me fine then I will use a merc

  • jeff the killer 8 months ago

    That diamond dude in the end whiffed so many that I thought he was either low gold or high silver

  • Natalie Lovesey 8 months ago

    Love your vids and kep it up thanks for the content carry on doing was your doing and you'll get far keep it up

  • rykil 8 months ago

    Yes, this comment Is really late, but idea is to have every individual person in your chat compete and the best on wins

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