Tutorial: Twitch/YouTube Livestream Overlay (Ep.1) (Photoshop CC)

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  • BastiKun 7 months ago

    How did you put the photo in the shape?

  • ZIGZAG 03 7 months ago

    I am working in a 1920 x 1080 artboard in photoshop at 300 resolution and the quality of my banner is awful when put into OBS. Someone help please!

  • Erizon 7 months ago

    how do you keep the logo in the same ratio?

  • Nehoray yosef 7 months ago

    When i'm zooming that zoom 200% why?

  • FiveTimeDad 7 months ago

    To Merge = Ctrl+E

  • TheRealJukes 7 months ago

    nigga you didnt explain how tf to merge

  • TheRealJukes 7 months ago

    how do you fucking merge

  • Marshall Theriault 7 months ago

    omfg this video sucks. you do somthing and say, oh im just going do this, saying the term and not telling how to do it and nobody whos new like me will understand this! >:(

  • RAZER TM 7 months ago


  • Shreemauli Raut 7 months ago

    Thanks alot!

  • Vio 7 months ago

    Epic intro mate!

  • Christopher Fowler 7 months ago

    After I add my first stock (using a different one than you are) I go to add my geometric shape stock (again, different from yours).  When I bring it below the original stock and then drag it back above it, it stays the same color as the geometric shape stock, and not the color of the original stock I want to use.  How do I get it so I could move and drag the shape stock to change the design, but keep it the color of the original stock?

  • Blanco Boy Loko 7 months ago

    ummm I was wondering if you have a gimp tutorial

  • BLAZERD 7 months ago

    I've been learning a lot from you bro thanks a lot your a really good teacher

  • Twitch Addict 7 months ago

    Can I submit you an video idea?

  • Jewou 7 months ago

    Great work dude, really like how you help people unlike other gfx designers

  • Nyne 7 months ago

    could u lend us your behr logo?

  • Silenxerr 7 months ago

    whats the pixel size of the document?

  • Im Destructiconor 7 months ago

    Your color scheme is lit mate ! Nice video by the way !

  • Chethan KVS 7 months ago

    How do u enable snapping?

  • iSplash 7 months ago

    I was wondering if u could do a tutorial on how to make a logo, and how much would u charge for a logo😀👍🏽

  • Lark 7 months ago


  • Roberto Catsburg 7 months ago

    Sickk tut mann 😀

  • Beau Brooks 7 months ago

    hey behr, what plugin do you use for those purple guidlines

  • iSplash 7 months ago

    Thnx for this awesome vid bro👍🏽😀 I was looking how to do it for a rlly long time and now I finally know👍🏽😀😀😀

  • Ayush Kumar 7 months ago


  • JarvRuss 7 months ago

    Behr <3 Nice Video Man. much Respect

  • Dope Prodigyz 7 months ago


  • Ryan 7 months ago

    dam 1 minute ago

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