TUTORIAL – Twitch Donation, Follower, Subscriber, Notification. Alert Tnotifier OBS XSplit

Easy tutorial on how to add notification overlays and alerts to your twitch stream alerting your followers on new donations, subscribers, and followers. DONATE FOR FUTURE TUTORIALS!!! https://twitchalerts.com/donate/MiLeHiGhTeaM. Anyone using OBS, or Xsplit for their stream!



  1. Question How do the streamer acutally know when and who that donate whitout a second screen? and how do u see it so u can answer as fast as possible?? will it sound in the computer when someone donate? i mean from OBS and Xsplit? or will i have to wait until the 7second delay has been delayed

  2. You can create account on keep me . live (without spaces) and enjoy new alerts on your stream. Keepme . live provide paypal donations with 0% provision and SMS donations. SMS are good for people who dont have paypal 🙂 i rly liked this page 🙂 :)

  3. EVERYBODY!!! I'm here to help show people how to use twitch alerts WITHOUT the green screen tab! You have to download a plugin for OBS, called the browser source plugin. You can click add CLR browser, put the link of the green screen, and BOOM.
    It will come up on screen!

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