Tutorial – How to update a Minecraft Modpack on the Twitch Launcher

Howdy Howdy, and Welcome to a tutorial on howto update a Modpack on the Twitch Launcher.

I hope this helps!




  • Nico100R 9 months ago

    bro i update the modpack but i miss my word, what i have to do?

  • 3xtraThin 9 months ago


  • Cow player 9 months ago

    my items are not saving is will still say 78 files will be erased

  • zakshei 9 months ago

    Ok so, I updated a minecraft modpack and didn't create a new profile, but it deleted my world anyway.

  • Killa T 9 months ago


  • Candy 9 months ago

    It told me that those files are in use and to close any applications that may be using them, but I only had twitch open, pls halp.

  • Hakai 9 months ago

    The button doesnt appear

  • Sir Speco 9 months ago

    Please let me know. I dont want to mistaking delete my world

  • Sir Speco 9 months ago

    So if I have a single player world on the older version & I update it & not make a new profile of the mod, will my world still be there to play on the NOW new version of the mod pack?

  • Zeke Buzby 9 months ago

    When the download button doesn't come up in the modpack but the ingame notes come up to tell you individually which mods need to be updated how do you update it?

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