Tutorial: How to Stream to Twitch Using the Windows 10 Xbox App (No Capture Card)

This video will show you a very simple way how to stream to Twitch using the Windows 10 Xbox App. I will also show you how to set up a professional looking stream using Streampro.io and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). If I left anything out please leave a comment and let me know. If I helped you in any way please drop a like and subscribe. Links for OBS and stream pro are below.
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  • Guido XBL 11 months ago

    10k views!! Thanks so much for all the positive feedback. I'm glad I could help so many of you with any issues you may have come across. Help me by sharing the video so we can help out another 10k!

  • RxR 11 months ago

    For the streaming, is it enough with Atlon 200GE?
    (Sorry for my english) :c

  • alchemychick22 11 months ago

    Someone may have answered this below. Party chat on Windows xbox app by clicking the unmute chat button(the tiny microphone next to Stop Streaming) You should be able to hear party chat after that. 🙂

  • Mistaken 11 months ago

    does not work for me. on the streaming xbox to pc part, whenever i click a button or just click on the window, it just freezes the stream.

  • lamboiisaac Skatez 11 months ago

    Finally found the right video 🙏

  • Keijzer Gamersz 11 months ago

    wooww thanks so motch my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adder 11 months ago

    Mine comes up with stream labs

  • Thou Art Gameth 11 months ago

    Does anyone know how I can use Windows Game Bar to stream to Twitch instead of it streaming to Mixer? I understand Mixer is Microsofts own application so maybe they made it proprietary with Windows Game Bar?

  • LowKey HzRd 11 months ago

    Can u stream to YouTube using this???

  • Glenn Baxter 11 months ago

    Hm…streampro.io takes me to Streamlabs?

  • Realzies Cuts 11 months ago

    Nice. I fart in public

  • Humphr3y 11 months ago

    Was wondering if you knew why when I do this the Xbox app looks blurry.

  • Ultra_Phantom AJ 11 months ago

    When I try to use the Xbox App, I either get a black screen (Window and Game Capture) or gray screen (Display Capture) pls help

  • BEAST GAMER 11 months ago

    Do i need a credit card when beimg donated by a follower

  • Cadman Davis 11 months ago

    I have my cam showing, I just need my game to show up on the obs

  • Asylum MikoSphinx 11 months ago

    can i use both xsplit broadcaster and gamecaster at same time but broadcaster is for facebook live and gamecaster is for twitch?

  • Blue Salt 11 months ago

    This vid helped so much thank you

  • J DOG 11 months ago

    I don’t see Xbox connection on the app :/

  • Jacgloe 11 months ago

    heres a difficult question for you. I want to stream from my PC, yes. But my PC is connected to a different internet than my xbox is. Can I connect to the xbox app from my PC if they are not on the same wifi? Let me know !

  • Dest TV 11 months ago

    On the updated Stream labs software I can’t find overlay url .

  • CrayLuv 11 months ago

    You said "It adds like a thousand screens endless". Endless wouldn't be a thousand. Endless would be a infinite amount but then again it couldn't be a infinite amount because you would need a infinite amount of pixels for that which a screen does not have.

  • R3UBIC 11 months ago

    When u connect does both platform have to be in the same wifi or internet

  • DJPsionTHEcatDJ 11 months ago

    And down here ouuup

  • AyRyzen 11 months ago

    is your name domanic

  • Daniel Halvorsen 11 months ago

    Yo the only xbox app i can find is named Xbox Smartglass…. I can connect the app to my xbox, but i don`t get an option to stream.. Help?

  • LittleGameDev 11 months ago

    Thanks for the video and covering how to set up things in Stream pro. I went to the site and its changed it and its features. Stream Pro is now Streamlabs and you have to download a beta file to set it. Will you please do a tutorial on how to set it up with the new beta download they provided.

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