Tutorial: How To Stream On Twitch & Record With Elgato & OBS Studio! (Best Settings OBS Elgato 2017)

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OBS Studio BEST Streaming & Recording Settings 2016 [Tutorial]



  • Keano 44 4 years ago

    Great tutorial

  • Baby Spine 4 years ago

    Thanks man great video you helped me figure out some really good settings here

  • Nick 4 years ago

    If I plan on streaming through OBS at 720p 60FPS, should I also set GameCapture HD to 720p? Or do I follow your vid and still make this 1080p even though my OBS settings are 720p?

  • Aiden Parra 4 years ago

    So much help man thank you! Instant follow

  • Nic Fleury 4 years ago

    My audio is super super super quiet and super delayed, and Pixely video

  • Obey Razz 4 years ago

    Really good and detailed video!

  • CaseGod 4 years ago


  • TheJakripper 4 years ago

    Is the El Gato still recording the game-play? like if you're streaming will it record just the game and not any overlays and pop ups related to streaming?

  • Team Kryptic Airsoft 4 years ago

    the irony at 6:55

  • Harris Gaming_25 4 years ago

    Hey man got a question if I can't get my settings right on obs and elgato hd60 to stream on youtube by watching your videos. Since I'm a rookie just starting to live stream and record anyway you can maybe walk me through the settings either by phone or twitter? Its for my son and I'm very dumb when it comes to this stuff? Thanks

  • MojoSkillz 4 years ago


  • Azoav 4 years ago

    what about the 1.5 second delay

  • Johnny Modz™ 4 years ago

    Holy Fuck Your Internet Do you live at like NASA!

  • Pocho Gaming 4 years ago

    When i go to see my el gato display on OBS it says that the device is in use by another application, but im not running anything else, think you can help??

  • Tedz Stonz 4 years ago

    can I use it with a camcorder to stream live video

  • NGSW 30 4 years ago

    I live in NC too🤘😄

  • Shadey Kidd 4 years ago

    When I stream nothing happens…?

  • Cr4zy Clips 4 years ago

    wtf i have 1-3 mbit download and 3 MB upload 😂

  • TheDirtySock 4 years ago

    great vid. learned a lot!

  • TheCapedGuy 4 years ago

    eyyy i live in viginia

  • Nasser Chehimi 4 years ago

    And if you have 144hz?

  • GoldKarat 4 years ago

    A lot of people, including myself had this issue, if you're trying to capture your PS4 you need to disable HDCP. Plug the PS4 into a regular Monitor i.e. not through the capture device and go to Settings -> System (scroll down) -> then untick the Enable HDCP checkbox. Reopen OBS then check the video capture device sources again and Elgato should now be there. Upvote so others can see!

  • Conjurings 4 years ago

    also why does my video looks so blurry

  • Conjurings 4 years ago

    bruh this helped so much, ty my dudeeeeeeee

  • Ky 4 years ago

    Can you stream and record at the same time?

  • Whiizo 4 years ago

    can i stream from laptop?

  • Allu Gamez 4 years ago

    JEEEZ! What is dat internet.. That's just…. wow

  • Ty Swanky 4 years ago

    if you didnt talk about pointless stuff this video would be like 5 mins long… just cut it out

  • GeekyGamingNinja 4 years ago

    This video helped so much thank you so much for this!!!

  • Minegamezz 4 years ago

    my obs only detects "Elgato helper device" but not the actual card.
    It does appear in the elgato software tho.
    I'm on Windows 7 64-bit

    Here's a screenshot: https://puu.sh/wAwAs/95015497fc.png

  • Alpha 4 years ago

    I am going to be streaming here in a bit. My clan is a hoot. We have a great time and joke around a lot. I would like people to be able to hear them on my stream.

    How Do I get people to hear them and me without having to have the sound come through my speakers. and still be able to hear them through my headset?

  • Ltfocus Private 4 years ago

    My god your internet speed is godly

  • Kitchwitch 4 years ago

    Why do you stream separatly with OBS, while elgato software can stream directly to twitch?

  • Mighty Saiyan 4 years ago

    The build in live stream sucks. Thank you sir obs worked perfectly. lol I hope Elgato will work when I changed my window 7 to a windows 10 on my laptop. So I can record from xbox one s.

  • Juizzy 4 years ago

    u bloody legend

  • ysonline 4 years ago

    I have a problem with OBS, When I see the game through my Elgato it works and sounds fine, but in OBS it crackles the sound constantly.

  • TheBigBlackAsian 4 years ago

    how do i get the audio to work?

  • David Hernandez 4 years ago

    Very Helpful! Thank you!!!

  • CursedWarrior100 4 years ago

    How do you Record game audio and party chat with this??


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