Tutorial “How To Set Up Twitch Stream XboxOne w/Symp” NO LAG

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Tutorial “How To SetUp Twitch Stream XboxOne w/Symp”
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  • DarkXXblackeyes 4 years ago


  • Logan Goldsworthy 4 years ago

    Bull shit you just click broadcast

  • Madogzz bra 4 years ago

    Everyone is making fun of you cause of you're accent that's messed up

  • Aryze 4 years ago

    even on low for me it lags ://

  • catbroz 2015 4 years ago

    What network do you use

  • Team Esgo 4 years ago

    I dropped to 800kbps and it still lags

  • Wendy's 4 years ago

    My recommendation is 2500 but my stream quality is still bad and lags even when I use 2000 or even 1400

  • Yomama RBX 4 years ago

    My recommendation is 636

  • SNIPEELITER96 GaMiNg 4 years ago

    Add SNIPEELITER96 on Xbox

  • Hamsterchop10s 4 years ago

    Help where do put it in

  • SiriusDog 4 years ago

    what if your recommendation is only 400kbps

  • GeneralGh0st 4 years ago

    Twatch wtf

  • Draken 049 4 years ago

    The thing I have when trying to stream is that the game will lag like crazy but never lags when I'm not streaming.

  • unikat73 4 years ago

    last network test was 95,45Mbit/s down and 5,8Mbit/s up and twitch recommendation is 400!? :O 900 would be low quality. What's going on?

  • The German Odst 4 years ago

    Okay I don't have a the Kinect

  • megapockie 4 years ago

    What's the name of your connection that you use?

  • Zack Knight 4 years ago

    It still lag when i do the code

  • Vortexx Esports 4 years ago

    69 likes LoL

  • Shannon Parker 4 years ago

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  • FrostyXP 4 years ago

    i get lag on medium settings
    i have 60 ping and download 83 and upload is 12

  • Commander Blaze 4 years ago

    Thanks this help out and how do you edit your videos

  • Mjdakang Jr 4 years ago

    Damn son I can't understand shit u said

  • HTX STAYLITTY 4 years ago

    how do you play music to the stream while doing it

  • Badcat4567 4 years ago

    I'm from Glasgow

  • Paul Hughes 4 years ago

    hi everytime i go to broadcast it says live then it comes up saying lagging constantly tried everythin to fix it

  • GoodThumbs 4 years ago

    where u from in stoctland

  • James The Vlog 4 years ago

    how did you record this vid

  • DylanTheAlien 4 years ago

    I have lowest but still lags what do I do my testspeed.net is 38200 pls help

  • _Ignited_ 4 years ago

    I done everything you said but it still says im lagging. It says I should stream in 2500 but I went to medium and im still lagging so I go to low and im still lagging I dont know what to do


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