[TUTORIAL] How To Follow Someone on Twitch.tv

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  • Evanbear1 1 year ago

    I cringe at this video so much every time I stumble upon it again. Geez, i was a lot more immature back then.


  • Rakshit Verma 1 year ago

    thanks it really helps me

  • BearManYeahYeah 1 year ago

    i finally found a tutorial on this…but this is way too hard!!!

  • Carlton Mensah 1 year ago

    apocalypse rising

  • DT 1966 1 year ago

    Does it cost money to follow someone on twitch

  • Er Stoppet 1 year ago

    Follow my twitch, twitch_Wolff

  • sgt saltstick 1 year ago

    it was that easy? wtf twitch what's with this design!

  • Chet's Jug 1 year ago

    On the Android app all I could see was other gaming channels and I'm not a gamer. I came to follow a friend but couldn't see how. When I reopened the app the second time and log in there was the menu with the friend add button. But thank you for making this video and I sub to your Channel Just For Kix let's see what you got LOL

  • BloodyYoinker 1 year ago

    Go follow me on twitch at bloodyoinker

  • James Treharn 1 year ago

    Youre dumb asf

  • Raniah 1 year ago

    Thank you 😭👍

  • k n 1 year ago

    Thanks bro

  • Damn Daniel 1 year ago


  • Rayaan El 1 year ago

    Thx I actually needed this

  • Bo55 Master 1 year ago

    My just goes back on follow again

  • Logan DaBro 1 year ago


  • Anthony Nguyen 1 year ago

    like if your from elementzIV

  • Blockman GFX Tutorials 1 year ago

    dude rlly lol

  • Nathaniel Clyde 1 year ago


  • Elusive 1 year ago

    How to create a twitch account plox

  • A Spoon 1 year ago

    I actually hope you lose all your followers.

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