Tutorial ~ Branding your Twitch Channel

Hi guys,

My NEW Twitch channel is http://twitch.tv/dastactic



  • Paul Bowen 4 years ago

    Really informative, thanks man good video.

  • wie ebenholz 4 years ago

    hey das, if you want people to support you via patreon, you should remember to put a patreon link in the description for any of your vids. 😉 othwerwise people that whant to support you would have to search "ages" for the link (if they don't know they can access it via your profile page), or worse, might not even realize that you are on patreon. oh and btw, you can put a patreon link on your twitch page too.

  • David Walsh 4 years ago

    Hey Das thank you for doing this
    I am thinking of doing a guitar playing channel; so this is very helpful for me
    I know nothing about branding and logos and graphics etc
    Is there a good basic graphics creation software package that is either free or not too expensive that you would recommend for a complete beginner?

  • Wolpertinger 0815 4 years ago

    Maybe a stupid question Das, but where will you announce streams?

  • Alkono Dival 4 years ago

    you should have dropped a link to your channel, i would have followed

  • Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy 4 years ago

    Now there is only that one problem that i really cant draw 😉

  • Zan panda 4 years ago

    why did u change to dastastic? cool name tho

  • lyravega 4 years ago

    I hope I can catch a few in the future.


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