The TWO BEST Webcams For YouTube, Twitch & Streaming (1080p & 4K) | Logitech C920 & Logitech Brio

📹 Logitech C920 Webcam ($50):
📹 Flexible Webcam Mount ($20):
💡 Desktop LED Front Lighting ($65):
🟩 Elgato Green Screen ($150):
📹 Logitech Brio 4K Webcam ($164):
📹 Flexible Webcam Mount ($20):
💡 LED Studio Light Kit ($150):

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He currently hosting the The Digital Drop Podcast, which makes working from home simple and is the of VP, Brand & Production at RagingBull, a leading e-learning company. He coaches full-time content creators and advises tech and media companies on their digital marketing strategy.

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  • Exhale Team 2 years ago

    THIS is how you do a product review. Thank you.

  • BaNgLlSh 2 years ago

    What about your microphone??

  • Henrique Rodrigues 2 years ago

    Blue eyes help also 😀

  • So ul 2 years ago

    You look solid

  • Regal 2 years ago

    So i've been searching for cameras for Youtube for some hours. I even found a video with budget cameras, but the first camera was a 600dollar DSLR, lol. Thank you, pal, thanks to you now I know what I have to buy. Stay healthy and keep doing what you love!

  • Helena Mariano 2 years ago

    Damn they're so expensive now. 😅

  • Jason 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot, Andrew, for this very informative and concise video.

  • AwesoMarron 2 years ago

    I bought a C920 some years ago on a whim and ended up in a box in the attic. After covid hit, it sits on top of my monitor. Guess that's one point for impulse purchases.

  • Veronica Ramirez 2 years ago

    We don't use YoutTube, but Zoom. Would you say this would be a great set up for that rather than the built it Mac camera?

  • Jack F 2 years ago

    Dude…man…I'm not hating on DSLR. Americans really talk weird like.

  • Joost Maertens 2 years ago

    how can you use these camera's if you need longer cable lenght, usb 3.0 has a 3 meter limit I believe

  • Eddie Mattison 2 years ago

    Brio is "da bomb"! Your mic is also amazing. Your whole setup…. lol!

    Is the desklamp blinding? I''m finding the face lighting can be blinding!

    What are you using as an "external monitor" to see what you are shooting? You're doing a brilliant job of on-screen/"live" filming

  • Filipina Kepler 2 years ago

    Straight to the point, very helpful and informative. This is how a product review should be. Thank you!

  • Stephen T 2 years ago

    Hi Great video, thanks. I was hoping for a little advice from anyone here. I have just purchased a 920 HD Pro for general Skype use but I am extremely disappointed with it. Even though it is configured for 1080p the picture resolution is way below that. It looks like I am viewing through a gauze! The room is well lit by natural light. I have tried both auto focus and manual focus but nothing makes a difference. I have no sharpening filter available to me but I shouldn't really need it. I am testing via the Logitech capture app on Windows 10 Pro v1909. But performance is no better through the Windows camera app. As my experience is so at odds with everyone else's I am guessing I have a bad sample. I'd appreciate any idea of other things I can try before returning it for a refund. Thanks!

  • Aaron Lecciones 2 years ago

    But all that light in my face taxes my eyes and I begin to tear up.

  • Franz Escolastico 2 years ago

    Loved your review!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Backcountry Professor 2 years ago

    Great comparison. Anybody else notice this quote? "better than 90% of the DSLRs… better than 80% of the DSLRs… better than 70% of the DSLRs…"

  • Joey Campanile 2 years ago

    finally someone who is actually in reality. i am a streamer and ii am tired of hearing webcams are garbage. i use a BRIO and swear by it .. Thank you. i wwould use the c922 over the c920.

  • 2 years ago

    Can This setting be used for Live streaming @ zoom meetings?
    Including this animated background with the Green background?

    please let me know

    Thanks 🙂

  • NoeX DoC 2 years ago

    Are ur glasses pose to look like that …did u run them over with ur car

  • SuperBPro 2 years ago

    INSTANT subscribe after this vid. Best channel I've stumbled across in a while.

  • dtrelz music 2 years ago

    WOWW I hope you have a class I would be a student

  • Ty Sharpe 2 years ago

    This is the best review i've ever seen on youtube. Luv the energy bro!

  • Michael Purnell 2 years ago

    Saved me a few bucks.

  • Midnight Star 2 years ago

    Awall thanks for the great video comparison, it's now August 2020 what would you recommend today, do you feel that any of the other newer Logitech ones are better than the c920, I can't afford the BRIO right now but i like the c920 but they jacked the price up in Canada to $187.96 . My need is to have a very clear webcam. I already have a headset and I bought a cheap no name webcam for $50 and it was just not good, it wouldn't let you change any settings but one, and the colour was yellowish just not good enough, Please recommend and help me out there's too many webcams I seen on Amazon !!!

  • Mc da shiznit 2 years ago

    facts i have the c920 its amazing

  • Jheyo venero roncal 2 years ago

    "lets you be de judge" …"you tell me…"
    Bro… this guy KNOW how to sell shit

  • Worship Band Builder 2 years ago

    I agree Im doing exactly this! its so much better with OBS and very easy to do

  • ØšØąŲŠŲ† اŲ„ØŖØŗŲˆØ¯ 2 years ago

    Hey, just wanted to thank you, and I'll buy using your affiliate link.
    Keep it up !

  • Political Queen 2 years ago

    I have 2 C920’s and an original C900. Best webcam for its money ever!

  • Angelique Agee 2 years ago

    I have the Logitech 920 and lots of light against a green screen my zoom still looks weird my hair is green looking and there is lot of fuzz or static in the video. Is it my computer processor Or my internet speed maybe?

  • Shibby120 2 years ago

    This was intense

  • Shibby120 2 years ago

    Really wish I could just use my iPhone 11 promax but apparently none of the software is reliable

  • Shibby120 2 years ago

    Looks very processed I think the cam is doing things to your face with software. Noticed the same thing on another demo. The 920 seems to look more natural and not weird.

  • Shibby120 2 years ago

    I feel like the 920 looks better than the Brio

  • Shibby120 2 years ago

    Looks nothing like a DSLR looks like a webcam my dude but I'm just looking as a viewer who hasn't tried to set up a webcam so I don't know what that's like but as a viewer that looks like a webcam. Maybe the green screen is easier or something I have no idea about all that. I have a cool couch and background so Im not worried about green screen I just want good picture that doesnt look muddy

  • Steve Overstreet 2 years ago

    Enjoyed the demonstration. However, the DLSR's provide "Depth of Field" (?) Basically softens the background and make the primary focus on the person speaking. But hey… I believe you're dead on with everything else you said! Great Job!!! Now if you can only help us "FIND" these cameras 🙁

  • Edd Rivera 2 years ago

    I dont evee suscribe or give like to videos cuz mostly youtube its full of stupid content, but you my friend, you earn my like and subscription, it seems that there is still people that can do wanders with no much money, and others just show off with big tech, am a believer that theres no need to spend that much as long as you investigate and prepare for what you want, specialy if you are no rich. Bravo, you've earn my respect!

  • Brandon Mccullough 2 years ago

    What microphone would you recommend

  • Luis E. Ramirez 2 years ago

    Amazing video. Thank you sir..

  • JJayDaMann 2 years ago

    920.. Brio.. 920.. Brio..

  • Nazareno Anselmi 2 years ago

    Fantastic video! Thanks!

  • Bobblem 2 years ago

    If I get the Logitech Brio do I have to get the $150 lights?

  • Tech Butler 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Christopher M 2 years ago

    Andrew Wall, u r my new hero! Thank u, thank u, thank u for this video. Thanks to the pandemic filming from our homes is no longer a hobby, it's a necessity. But where to begin? The Gods smiled on me this morning for your video was first up. You've done all the work for me. Now I just have to come up with some content. I know u don't have a magic bullet for that. I'll keep u posted. BTW u look like u could be one of my clan. R u English?

  • Abishek Narayan 2 years ago

    thanks. Amazing review dude.

  • Henry Villon 2 years ago

    Axwall, What type of MIC are you using? thank you!

  • Pedro Far 2 years ago

    I have a LG C9 TV. If i buy a C922 PRo and connect it through USB to my TV, will Skype or any other video app work through this camera and TV?

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