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OBS Settings for Twitch – 2/7

Get your general settings right the first time! Learn about setting your bitrate, buffer size, resolution and more. These settings will help you decide if you should stream at 480p, 720p, or 1080p. Get OBS https://obsproject.com/ More about bitrate and OBS settings http://bit.ly/1kRxDgC Speedtest.net http://speedtest.net OBS Estimator https://obsproject.com/estimator Twitch Dashboard http://twitch.tv/broadcast/dashboard OBS Microphone Noise Gate […]

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TUTORIAL: How to Stream on Twitch with OBS

Complete Guide to Resolve 50% Off ►► http://bit.ly/DavinciResolve-HalfOff ◢◤◣◥◢◤◣◥◢◤◣◥◢◤◣◥ Complete OBS Course ►►http://bit.ly/LearnOBS Learn Video Editing – Complete Guide to DaVinci Resolve Course 33% Off https://www.udemy.com/complete-guide-to-davinci-resolve-14/?couponCode=VIDEOEDITING This tutorial will show you how to stream on Twitch with OBS. A simple process for potential or current streamers of game content. My Patreon ►►http://patreon.com/christutorials Goldbox Deals ►► […]

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