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The Streamlabs Merch Store Twitch Extension makes it easier than ever for viewers to buy your merch. The Twitch Extension can easily be added to your panel by clicking the link above and clicking Install. You should make sure you have your own Streamlabs Merch Store ready with your products, but if you don’t, we cover how to get started in this video.

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  • Geoff 1 year ago

    so sick

  • Fly Guy J Productions 1 year ago

    a wordpress widget would be nice as well. That way we can add merch store to our websites also.

  • Destro7000 1 year ago

    What happens after the checkout button is pressed though? If there is message, when does it get delivered? Do you need an account for payments?

  • Anonymous Fan 1 year ago

    Couple of Merch suggestions, Item Categories (specific collections) and promo codes

  • Celestin Mickenson 1 year ago

    Hello freind im here and i wait for you host

  • ITZCLARKY1233 1 year ago

    Prime -.-

  • PunkMonkey81 1 year ago

    Say's i have to pay for Prime! Sooo wtf?

  • Tayte Keates 1 year ago

    Why make this prime thing? I cant afford prime, but want to create merch for my small audience??

  • Aqua zxr 1 year ago

    I have more than a thousand points and I iant getting 100 posvery five minutes


    Bhai you not indian

  • Crma 1 year ago

    Add water bottles

  • AuggyDog09 _ 1 year ago

    mine isn't working

  • Gabriel :v 1 year ago

    Vengo de un directo y desidi suscribirme a tu canal sigue así bro

  • clap 1 year ago

    Thx now i could make my own merch

  • MightySet 1 year ago

    dude can you make a video that helps me cuz when i download it says admister has blocked this

  • Just_ Play 1 year ago

    Stop spamming idiot

  • flyorra 1 year ago

    I've spent two hours trying just to set up and stream. I have my YouTube stream key ready. The software won't open on my windows 7 and I have Aero theme. I don't understand why I can't put in stream key via mobile either on the website dashboard or on the android app. I really want this. But I'm exhausted.

  • DAJ 1 year ago


  • Semiha Bedir 1 year ago

    Why you saying POİNTS on pewdiepie vs t series you noob

  • Adrian Pawlak 1 year ago

    There is a problem when i turn on Streamlabs as a adminstartor it says ITS A VERY BIG VIRUS AND SAYS U CAN OPEN IT NEVER ! WHAT'S WRONG? IT WAS WORKING NO IT DENYES?
    help me

  • RedEagleGames8 1 year ago

    i have a problem i think.. if i want to change a widgets theme all my other themes get reset to the default theme?

  • Rodrigo 1 year ago


  • Mad Mex 1 year ago

    i'm downloading the application says this application has been removed for your safety How can I do?

  • Илья Муромец 1 year ago


  • STRONG ILL 1 year ago

    Го взаимную подписку я подпишусь на тебя а ты на меня ок

  • LowTier 1 year ago

    Ah, very cool.

  • Naruedyoh 1 year ago

    That's pretty neat. I'm adding some thing with my PixelArt

  • andrea hernandez 1 year ago

    good and explained ☺

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