Streamlabs Bit Goal Overlay Tutorial | Earn more on your stream with Twitch Bits!

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The Streamlabs Bit Goal overlay is perfect for raising funds to help support your stream. We’ve made it easier to add Bit Goal overlays to your stream with Streamlabs OBS. Now saving up for those stream upgrades, trips, and new games is easier with Bit Goals built right into Streamlabs OBS.

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  • Justin Melo 2 months ago

    Very useful.

  • TriggerJigar 2 months ago

    How can we do in android app?

  • FNX BERSERK FNX 2 months ago

    Just downloaded Streamlabs OBS on my new desktop and it doesn't have the dashboard tab in the top left? Any ideas where it has gone?

  • GamingDominari 2 months ago

    Mine doesn't update for some reason

  • Wesley Wilkinson 2 months ago

    So what if I don't want a end date?

  • PS2Man everything 2 months ago

    but what if we wanted the bit goal to never end?

  • JAZZ Gaming 2 months ago

    Cool thanks 👍

  • Deathshot 2 months ago

    I have a mac how do i do it without streamlabs obs but with normal obs?

  • ROODE 2 months ago

    Hi, I have a problem with live streaming when I add the stream key to a stream labs that shows me this problem (slobs-clint ::: could not access the specified channel or stream kay "please double-cheack you stream kay if it is correct there may be a problem conneting to the server)) and I am sure that I put the correct settings for broadcast and I have several fixes for the program as well as I reinstalled windows but the problem is still the same :::: Please help me

  • Jebrohnson’s Fan Club 2 months ago

    Thank you

  • 《 Pl4yer 》 2 months ago

    Oie tudo bem, vim da live, gostei muito do seu canal, já deixei o like e se escrevi, gostaria que vc retribuise, vou ficar muito grato, pode ficar tranquilo que eu não sou daquelas pessoas que se escreve do canal e depois de alguns dias se desescreve, sou um inscrito fiel, muito obrigado sucesso ❤👏

  • Renato 300 2 months ago

    Como son los atracos?

  • JohnKiGamer 2 months ago



    That's awesome. Great video again cheers. Stay Tipsy Stay Trippin

  • Harshit Yadav 2 months ago

    😮super super best best of luck your future very soon to now famous keep it up bro

  • Riptid e 2 months ago

    I just got affiliated on my twitch @Stealth205

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