Stream Easy: How to add Twitch Chat!

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Part 2 of the twitch tutorial series– teaching you to add your twitch chat to your stream.



  • Oxygenplease 10 months ago

    doesnt work anymore

  • Kazuki Plays! 10 months ago

    video actually starts at 1:07 you're welcome 😉

  • N.G.A.M 10 months ago

    its telling me to upgrade to windows 10

  • jmanvengeance 10 months ago

    lord all of these are outdated i wanna do it like this with no twitch alerts like i use 2

  • StaffOnly95 10 months ago

    do u live in a garage?

  • Ott-Joosep Lusik 10 months ago

    dude thanks a lot i´ve researched a lot in youtube and thats the first video what hepled me! You deserve a like! 🙂 Keep on doing what you do 😉 You´re great!

  • Biyonzo 10 months ago

    you dont need to donwload anything twitch alrdy gives you the dark option

  • kenjen. 10 months ago

    I click: Add Window Capture but OBS don't see my chat's popout. Some help ?

  • T Leaves 10 months ago

    HELP! I tried everything in the video, but the chat isn't showing up on my actual game screen. It shows up in the twitch preview, but I can't see it while I'm playing. What did I do wrong?

  • Attac 10 months ago

    I don't have black chat – chroma key in settings

  • Krydaform Music 10 months ago

    bloody hell your lighting

  • SteezySaaul 10 months ago

    love this you explained it so well thank you

  • ED 10 months ago

    Cheers, bro

  • Ammozilla 10 months ago

    what recording software were you using?

  • Krazlus Games 10 months ago

    Need an updated video for OBS Studio options are different.

  • video game world 10 months ago

    it didn't work

  • Bunnie 10 months ago

    Ugh. Mine doesnt look anything like yours does after hitting window capture.

  • ThePyroroPlays 10 months ago

    My chat shows in stream, but doesn't show in my game

  • OneArmedMan 10 months ago

    So mine has been setting an area, but it doesn't let me choose a URL and when I select a region it just gives me a black box. Any suggestions?

  • hoi doei 10 months ago

    myn chat turn out black only dont see chat

  • Dead Channel 10 months ago

    My Chat Is completely Invisable. and yes i put some text in chat to see but it still didnt work and it didnt show me the black chat chroma key thing. Theres a lock at the top where the link is, could that be why?

  • Aédio Germano 10 months ago


  • YandereSimulatorAddict 10 months ago

    what about Youtube gamibng?

  • Lwajura F 10 months ago


  • juu joo 10 months ago

    uh, i didnt get it work. cn you help? i did all in this tutorial, and went on black twitch, on FFZ tho. does it matter if its FFZ when i still am on black mode? also i got it to my obs normally, but nothing bopped up. HELP!

  • jmanvengeance 10 months ago

    i dont have that setting for the chromokey it must have updated since then because its not even an option only shows key words

  • FuPlaayz 10 months ago

    Dude ! Thank you, man !

  • Wathek alzuaiby 10 months ago

    i cant find black chat chroma key pls help

  • 5Energy 10 months ago

    so i can see tha chat when i playing

  • YÆKS 10 months ago


  • MalinoFF 10 months ago

    hallo man am not hame this "Black chat (Chroma key)!I dont know what to do.PLS help

  • BytriusTheNerd 10 months ago

    Thanks so much, extremely helpful! <3

  • Joey van der wal 10 months ago

    my chat only gives a black window. any idea how this happens? (in obs i mean)

  • RedEmerald98 10 months ago

    Window Capture just shows me a black screen on Chrome. Doesn't matter if I'm on Twitch or not, but the explorer for example is shown. Someone help me please!
    I don't know why it worked in my last stream, and now it doesn't 🙁

  • Angelxoxo 25 10 months ago

    audio sucks

  • Dinakilljoy 10 months ago

    Ahh, thank you so much for since, been looking around for this for a while now! Truly helped and I will fix it when I get straight home! But I was wondering, how can I see the chat? I kinda want to reply if people comment while i'm streaming :/

  • TomGam199 10 months ago

    Btw have one monitor so i cant see the chat lol!

  • Jacob Tahir 10 months ago

    Nothing worked

  • Panda Sai 10 months ago

    it isnt showing on my game screen , could u help me :/

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