Soundflower Tutorial Installation & Settings for OBS on Mac 10.8+ for Twitch and Hitbox

How to setup Soundflower for OBS Twitch broadcasts on a Mac.

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  • Arjan Schonewille 4 years ago

    how do i get the sound to my wired headphones don't see them in the list ? i want to speak clearly over the background music that is the goal.

  • WetDuck - Hypixel PvP 4 years ago

    Thanks so much!!!

  • Kaj B 4 years ago

    I have it setup like you explained, thank you. I however, hear myself delayed in my headset which is annoying. Is there anyway I don't have to hear my self repeat what I just said slightly delayed? Im pretty sure my stream doesn't hear that but I do..

  • Aman Coled 4 years ago

    Ich habe direkt rausgehört, dass es ein Deutscher ist haha

  • BradleyPlayz 4 years ago

    Doesn't work, it worked for like one day and now obs doesn't hear anything even when the multichannel is on, help?

  • Pei Chu 4 years ago

    I get a static when I record after 15~20 minute. Is there a way to fix that?

  • CMLP 4 years ago

    Könntest du auch ein deutsches tutorial dazu machenden please

  • Johnny Dorigo Jones 4 years ago

    If the download link he gave you for Soundflower didn't work, this one worked for me:

  • Anti-Arrowhead 4 years ago

    QUESTION ALERT! I do the continue and installation and it tells me to restart. I do so. When I get back on my computer I use spotlight to navigate to Soundflowerbed. It says it is an unknown version. I drag it on to my desktop and double-click it. Nothing happens except it opens up an icon on the top tab. I click on that and it says:
    Soundflower is not installed!
    Audio Setup
    About Soundflowerbed
    Quit Soundflowerbed
    Please Help!!!!!

  • Let ́s Play Brothers / QUIT 4 years ago

    Andre Sauer heißt er steht oben rechts xD er ist Deutsch

  • Paul Hendrix 4 years ago


  • Chocotroll 4 years ago

    Hat mir super weiter geholfen, vielen vielen Dank! <3

  • LeitoIsHere 4 years ago

    I have Mac Retina Pro 2015 and 7 Mb Upload speed. I'm using only 3Mb and 720p resolution. My strem is lagging on WHY? My preview in OBS is okay, and my MAC is okay too.

  • Matthew James Richards 4 years ago

    I am also having troble opening the Soundflower. It can't open on my apple mac please help?

  • hkim 156 4 years ago

    What's the difference between 2ch and 64ch?

  • Shiny Magikarp 4 years ago

    Hi, I love the video and it's super useful! I have only one problem. Currently the audio is playing to my stream PERFECTLY, but when I have any audio it's very staticy. Like there's lots of really quiet small clicks in the background the whole time. How do I make the audio more clear? I can not only hear the clicks in my headset but they also come through on the stream!

  • Vinny0TheGamer 4 years ago

    Thank you I didnt want to use WavTap because I tried but I only heard and it recorded out of my left ear soundflower works perfect.

  • reegohr 4 years ago

    Hello, I'm having trouble with my volume. I can't turn my volume up or down. It just shows that I am unable to change how loud i want the sound to be.

  • whitex 4 years ago

    Mein Problem is ich kann mich in der aufnahme hören ich kann blos nich meine freunde in skype hören

  • Cosmic 960 4 years ago

    Danke für dieses Video

    Dank dir kann ich endlich Videos für meinen yt Kanal aufnehmen wo man auch die Hintergrundmusik hören kann

    Vielen Dank

    Lg cosmic

  • Veto-Media 4 years ago

    Hi I am still having trouble can you take a look for me? My skype is bammer958 would be really appreciated.


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