[Sony Vegas Tutorial] Zoom Shake+RGB Twitch+Offset Transition pack#2

Sorry for noob quality

song :Overtime – Cash Cash Sound recording
Follow You – Bring Me The Horizon
Blackbear – califormula



  • Epic Shock 3 months ago

    what show is used?

  • daNch0o 3 months ago

    thanks for the awesome tutorial !

  • Lalisa 3 months ago

    It is SVP 13?

  • Vikittabelle 3 months ago

    hay que instalar la pestaña de videofx? D: yo no lo tengo en mi Sony…. 7__7

  • VibesEdits 3 months ago

    can you do in depth tutorial on offset. I cant seem to get it right for some reason on vegas 14

  • francés 3 months ago

    do you need sapphire for this ??

  • チアゴ。 3 months ago


  • Bhushan Redekar 3 months ago

    hey man..AWESOME video!! can you tell me which song is that?

  • 5inco 3 months ago

    Muito Obrigado pelos tutoriais ^^

  • venusiv 3 months ago

    is this a windows xp? cool!!

  • NTR8 AMV 3 months ago

    awesome! but I wonder if do you have the .veg of this one? would be glad if you link it here >.< thanks!

  • Hafiz Ezmir 3 months ago

    Do u have Fb?

  • buse 3 months ago

    i import videos/photos on sony vegas i play the video its perfect and then ı use effects but my svp cant play the video its playing but ı cant see what ı do its so slow what should i do??
    [sorry for my english]

  • TheGameSubZero 3 months ago

    gayzaum garto gay

  • Kozzy 3 months ago

    why so fast

  • Sountrex 3 months ago

    i see 🙂 nice song near the end Follow you.

  • AGAR RAMHD 3 months ago

    bro no puedes pasar esa animacion en un archivo de sony vegas

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