Sony Vegas Tutorial #1 – Slide,Zoom,Twitch Transition

This ís my fist sony tutorial so it not that smooth sorry

Song coming soon
Hope you enjoy it !!! :))))



  • Emily Nguyen 4 months ago

    What overlay did you use for the rainbow coloring? Or what did you use?

  • Tanafass - تنفس 4 months ago

    that amazing but where i can find that fx s_blurmocurves . can someone give me link to download it

  • taher 4 months ago

    dang smooth!!!

  • katrina 4 months ago


  • loomz 1337 4 months ago

    where did you get your video fx ??
    in my sony i dont have many video fx

  • Lymbo辺獄 4 months ago

    thanks It'll be a big help to me

  • Lymbo辺獄 4 months ago

    I'm a slow learner

  • Lymbo辺獄 4 months ago

    can you remake this with zoom shake and everything like how you made your recent?

  • Mystic vegeta 4 months ago

    Is this a plugin?

  • ashley xx 4 months ago

    did you get the effects like S_(insert effect here) from a download? My sony vegas has literally none of those effects….

  • Angel Flaviano 4 months ago

    yuri on ice made me want to edit amvs again (`♡`)

  • Badr Mahiri 4 months ago

    SMOOTH !!

  • 애영 4 months ago

    hello, where you downloading your épisodes of anime?

  • darkestwolves123 4 months ago

    yuri oN ICE

  • zixe _1 4 months ago

    How do I carry all the effects?

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