PS Tutorial: Simplistic Stream/Twitch Package: Vibrant Curves

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Video Description: In this video we take a super clean/simplistic idea of curves and gradients. Combined to create YouTube gaming,Twitch,and or Mixer stream packages that will make anyones stream look amazing!

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Song – n/a (Beginning song is: Sorrow – Kalypso)
The soundtrack is used for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. All credits for the song(s) go to artist(s)/label(s).



  • Seso 1 year ago

    Is it weird that alot of you still don't know I joined 100 Thieves a few months ago haaha, so yes, yes I am in 100T.

  • Lenin Carrion 1 year ago

    Excellent tutorial, thank you.

  • Zana XD 1 year ago

    Can somebody make the curve png for me I am a mobile designer

  • Brandon H 1 year ago

    Congrats on 100k bro

  • Void 1 year ago

    can I get a clean youtube channel revamp

  • pale pero 1 year ago

    best social media designer <3

  • JimenezMedia 1 year ago

    setup room tour

  • ANOXCHEZ 1 year ago

    Okay so ik it's not the video to ask, but does anyone know who made the tutorial about the plugin that u use to finish up ur work it's kinda known and everybody use it I forgot the name tho

  • Brando 1 year ago

    I was here before 100k lmaooo

  • Lachy_Stack 1 year ago

    Seso! Great vid man, but just a bit of critique, you’ve really stepped up your game with your transitions and your comfort ability with talking in front of a camera but if you want to give a more pleasing look to your videos I would suggest in getting a better background to record OR some decent lighting for your set up (maybe like a three point lighting setup) AND THEN maybe add or use RGB lights in that setup that match the colour theme of your design your doing in the video? Up to you but I think it’d give a more clean look

  • dream 1 year ago

    had to like, best social media designer i’ve ever seen

  • Khaiwyn Marsch 1 year ago

    Seso none if us can make these

  • Murray Frost 1 year ago

    Do you think you could do some transitions? That would be awesome!

  • Azteqz 1 year ago

    You need to put the download in the video before this one Edit : OMG i Have never been hearted before you are the best graphic designer i know and you have showed me so much love you no homo

  • Kiro 1 year ago

    What is his intro song…. Sounds amazing

  • PerplexZ 1 year ago

    100 thieves?

  • grimbang 1 year ago

    Wait are u part of 100 thieves?

  • Nirosan Puvanendran 1 year ago


  • Slinky Designs 1 year ago

    Yooo I love how you did the text. Brings a whole new meaning to “more than one option”

  • k . ADITYA 1 year ago

    Congrats broh near to 100k subs

  • Tнε Gυαяdıαиѕ 1 year ago


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