PS Tutorial: Simplistic Stream/Twitch Package Design: Pattern Backings

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Video Description: In this video, I’d love to take it up with you guys in creating a series in which I show you guys how to design clean and professional style Twitch stream packages. In this video we take the use of pattern words and simple blend modes to create backings that stand out and stand unique. Hopfully you guys like the new series idea, as well as the new 200 like stream package “Pack” of PSD’s and images to have your stream look good from what we create.

This week of creating this video by the way was very difficult as it was the week of STUPIDLY annoying pain lol, wisdom tooth, and emergency surgery cause that bish hurt. So it hurt way more then I could put into words while recording this video and not trying to show.

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  • Joriz_TV 8 months ago


  • S810 8 months ago

    10:48 whistles by accident. my dumbass can't whistle when i try my hardest.

  • WinterSoldierTV 8 months ago

    Damn u actually replied pretty fast, i erased my comment and then saw the notification that u replied, i saw the video again to see if i was missing something and i got it, was my error. Im almost done completing the tutorial now πŸ˜€ . I've been watching a lot of ur videos, found ur channel like 3 days ago and im hooked, keep up the good work.

  • DUNT3R 01 8 months ago

    Is this with adobe photoshop

  • Erdal Bakkal 8 months ago

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Jxkrr 8 months ago

    having trouble with the pattern overlay around 3:55

  • ItzPlormby 8 months ago

    Is this pattern a part of your pack?

  • max 8 months ago

    what’s the first font? the thin like looking one

  • PlayerR 8 months ago

    love you bro insane video keep it up!!!

  • Queshu 8 months ago

    arşiv error ?

  • Grandpa 8 months ago

    those designs go hard. nice work bro

  • Gravity 8 months ago

    nice work…

  • Kevz 8 months ago

    Were do i found the gotham narrow font? btw love you videos <3

  • Yeatzy 8 months ago

    I don't ever really use the tutorials to copy, just to learn new things, thank you so much for this, it has helped me so much. <3

  • Kalez Gaming 8 months ago

    You are an Idol for me. You inspired me with your Mascot Logos and now im loving it to design. Pls keep it up!

  • Flicks Designs 8 months ago

    Thnx My Man

  • Lych. 8 months ago

    Every seso video ever:

    Yo what is up guysitisurboiseesawhere bringing you guys a photoshop tutorial (explains whats going on)

    So uh yeah 2likesonvideoequalsecretdownloadbelow

    Idk you just talk so fast in your intros haha, but still this was a dope tutorial ❀️

  • WaterIsFake 8 months ago

    It always looks hard to make these stuff but you slowly breaking it down makes so much easier and understandable. Tyyy!

  • Chewy 8 months ago

    The reason I design is because you inspired me to thank you, and do you know what the size is on all the twitch items/photos like the resolution for each of them such ass offline intermission, panels etc

  • YUVRAJZ 8 months ago


  • Sunitha Gadam 8 months ago

    Hey seso can you have a download for the gradient overlay

  • Seyefer 8 months ago

    Common lets get to 200 likes

  • Icyy 8 months ago

    Great job buddy

  • ChaMell 8 months ago


  • Walmir Ramos 8 months ago


  • Fly BingBong 8 months ago

    You have inspired me to start designing 😁

  • Requenz 8 months ago

    Keep doing the streaming packageing! <3

  • ThePatty 8 months ago

    How much for a letter logo??

  • Alfie 8 months ago

    Looks goooooooood

  • SD designer 8 months ago


  • serpent 8 months ago

    Amazing tutorial! Helps me alot

  • Seso 8 months ago

    It was super hard to talk at some points in the video due to the wisdom tooth surgeries. Apologies ahead of time if it (if it did) get weird. Even though I did my best to not show. TMI INC, totally had to mouth wash after the video lmfao.

  • BLZRD Designs 8 months ago

    I love your videos it keeps motivating me to do better things thanks!

  • DatBoyKev 8 months ago


  • zikou2003 8 months ago


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