PS/AE Tutorial: Creating Animated Clean Stream/Twitch Alerts

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Video Description: In this video, I teach you guys how to make a clean alert box in Photoshop, to then move it into after effects where the use of key framing and easy ease, with a bit of AE Juice to spice up the animation. To then finalizing and apply it to steamlabs where you guys can now how your own custom stream alert box made by you!

Table of Content:
4:01 – How to design a clean alert box
9:14 – Tips to getting pop in alert box
13:13 Starting Animation
30:58 – how AE Juice works
35:57 – Render settings
37:24 – How to Convert to WeBM
43:20 – How to move text over in CSS for stream labs.

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  • Aydo 2 years ago

    How would you move the text down instead of left or right?

  • DieserFresh 2 years ago

    Pls speak and make the things a little bit slower. Next Time

  • TheGoldenxBoi 2 years ago

    when i hold control on the icon box copy, it doesn't bring up the marquee section, does anyone know what im doing wrong

  • Lionel Arce 2 years ago

    When i active the alert in obs the background become black, and my file have a transparent background, any idea how to change this? thanks guys

  • The Golden Dove 2 years ago

    Youre the best Adobe/Twitch overlay/alerts youtuber in the world 10/10 but in the newer video there are some parts where you just press buttons and dont tell how

  • LtWxlf 2 years ago

    Bro I just came across your channel at like 4am, and Ive been following your tutorials ever since, subbed & liked all the videos ive seen thus far, great content and great explanations and great guidance.

  • SacritiNAE 2 years ago


  • TheSam 2 years ago

    Seso common man you have 100 of comments how to fix that black background problem when we import on stream labs….please tell us how to fix that…..what are u doing?

  • ApexDevil 2 years ago

    Problem its not transparant but i have a black background

  • Daniel Pena 2 years ago

    Hey can someone make me some twitch alerts for me xont have this stuff

  • Ian Stacey 2 years ago

    How did you get it transparent in OBS? Followed the entire tutorial, pretty much to the letter and when using it on stream labs i keep getting the black background. I have made sure there is no background on teh animation. What am I missing?

  • mBjorlow HD 2 years ago

    My rendered Quicktime file is only transparent on after effects when I turn on the transparency grid. I've tried Sony Vegas and premiere pro without any difference. I've looked around and seen other videos doing the same thing you did, but it doesnt work for me! Pls help!

  • Vady 2 years ago

    GG i followed all the video and i stopped to create my alert when I saw 100 dollars pack XD

  • Sniffy 2 years ago

    Hey! I followed your steps but when I put it on obs streamlabs the backround isnt transparent 🙁

  • SweetDevilSu51 2 years ago

    i try it with the webm file but it wasn´t show by testing

  • veyZe 2 years ago

    The Alert has a black bar behind it, like its not transparent anymore. The black bar appeared when I converted it to WEBM. As QuickTime everything was fine. Pls help?

  • vlacoc // 2 years ago

    Cool Tutorial I liked.

  • Kryptonic_Icee 2 years ago

    Would you ever consider making a fiverr account so people could pay you to make custom alerts overlays etc? 🤔 I'd definitely pay for some custom alerts and overlays

  • Gamer9076 2 years ago

    I'm not sure why but I am not able to get a transparent background in streamlabs. I have been trying to fix this all night and I cant get anything to work. I have made sure the setting RGB + Alpha is checked. I convert to webm and then upload to streamlabs. Every time there is a black background. Please help!

  • Hidden Samurai 2 years ago

    u have alot on ps any tutorials without photoshop

  • Grim Spyder 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video, It really was a step by step.
    I have question for you though…
    For some reason, I get the a Black box under the alert when it is activated (in OBS). I know that the background is transparent, because when i apply i to video in Premiere it plays correctly (no black background).
    Any ideas? What the issue could be.

  • AngryAngelo 2 years ago

    Yo, Man! Thank You for helping me with that alert pop-up box.

    It's really rare to find YouTubers like you that explain everything you need.

    You have subscribe and like from me!

    Keep up good work! 🙂

  • Hugo Gevartosky 2 years ago

    Done converted the file, but it is not transparent here too =(

  • JualarxGG 2 years ago

    Hello friend, I have a problem, when I export the after effects alert, it is bottomless, but when I upload it to convert it a black background is generated, … I don't understand how you did to remove the black background from the alert already uploaded to the streamlbas

  • SniiPX 2 years ago

    i have gray background on the alerts how to remove this??

  • psterBEAST 2 years ago

    Done converted the file, but it is not transparent, not sure what is the problem. Any suggestion?

  • XNsC0 2 years ago

    Thank for this video man. Now i really found a nice tutorial to my overlay thanks <3 !

  • Lexci Roberts 2 years ago

    when i use the convert website it keeps putting a random black background.

  • Baconbomb80 2 years ago

    There is a plugin for adobe so you can render it as webm directly

  • SentaXI 2 years ago

    I can't make this and this takes so long, is it by any chance you can open a store or something where you sell alerts?

  • Sanriku 2 years ago

    Why not just render directly to webm in MediaEncoder? Great tutorial though!

  • Trent Brown 2 years ago

    APowerSofts video converter lets you convert videos over 1 Gigabyte for free. No one else lets you do that. Would highly recommend that over any other converter. Also has a desktop app you can download in case you don't want to do it through the browser.

  • Alpha GFX 2 years ago

    Convertio only starts asking for money whenever your file exceeds a certain size as far as i can tell

  • Pablo Alison 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video and thanks for sharing your knowledge Seso! great videos! Just a question, for some reason, when compiling the composition to QuickTime, I have the same settings as you do, but I dont really know why the result is a .mov file of 2 or 3 GBs! Same happens if I try to do an animated cam overlay. Is this normal? What I am missing here? Hope you read this, it would very helpful to clear this.

  • TySXii 2 years ago

    Hey Seso, just purchased your Everything Pack ! Only issue is I was an idiot and didn't read the description properly, and didn't opt in to the email thing… Will I still get the files sent over? Can provide proof of purchase

  • nep nep 2 years ago

    What version of photoshop are you using?

  • ArvenMovies 2 years ago

    What photoshop version are you using right now?

  • JediProd 2 years ago

    44:00 try margin: 0 auto;

  • Jvstnn 2 years ago

    can i just say your intro is sooooooo clean. can you make a tutorial?

  • Fortnite Tv 2 years ago

    Seso is a lier unsubscribed

  • sates 2 years ago

    When i import the file to ae and click the groups the background is black how do i fix that?

  • Leo 2 years ago


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