(Outdated) NOT GETTING FREE BITS ON TWITCH?! HERE'S WHY! [SOLVED 2018] (Twitch Free Bits Tutorial)

Not getting your twitch bit ads? Here is why!

Why can’t you get free bits on twitch? True-x is limiting you.. When that twitch free bits try again later button shows up.. you need to learn how to fix that now! Get free bits to donate and free bits to share with you favorite streamers! Learn how to get free bits on twitch.

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  • Crustacean Nation 4 months ago

    I gattchu with that sub man

  • Matthew Tuka 4 months ago

    if its 1-5 ads then how did I get 20?

  • PrettyBoyMullaツ 4 months ago

    I just watch 10 ads and got 75 bits

  • the derpy sniper man 4 months ago

    fuck twitch

  • dg doob 4 months ago

    i'm so sad i don't understand! i gotta get up in the morning!!

  • Destronic 4 months ago

    From my research the only thing that alot of people have said that is 4:41

  • David Jameson 4 months ago

    This has become outdated and no longer applies. It has become useless clickbait.

    delet this

  • Brad Van 4 months ago

    i used to get bits on mobile but since the recent update where they removed it from mobile i can't get anything on desktop.

  • TheLiteralSteve 4 months ago

    THIS VIDEO IS OUTDATED. The algorithm for how twitch gives out bits has CHANGED. This video is over a year old. Don't hate me <3

  • Uncleargaming 4 months ago

    it just sais try again later for me bruh

  • Jorji Costava 4 months ago

    So If I Don't Ever Go To Sleep I Can Finally Watch Ads To Get Bits

  • friedzombie4 4 months ago

    So Check earlier, that literally told me nothing new. GJ bro.

  • Randy 611 4 months ago

    why are u mumbling in video that is so disturbing

  • First 4 months ago

    Ive never been able to watch ads, it always says 'try again later'. So that guaranteed 3 is bs

  • Brutal Ghost 4 months ago

    I don't see any ad section. I think they removed it. I'm using cell phone.

  • 1wibble2 4 months ago

    Serious question, are you mentally retarded? Trying to listen to you waffle on saying same meaningless shit over and over again was more excrutiating than having your nails pulled out one by one, and what you said was complete bullshit anyways! Holy fuck, there's 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back…

  • SharkRule 64 4 months ago

    I’m just unlucky cause Iv never ever got my free bits

  • CrisURace 4 months ago

    Farming bits is not working any more and my life is ruined…my viewers farmed bits to help me ..and no i make almost no money at all. The site rewrite broke it and it ruined my fuckin life…….

  • RefractArt 4 months ago

    Your video is literally talking about everything else but the issue.

  • TheRealD-Trigga 4 months ago

    Thanks for making that easy explained.. But i never used my 1 to 5 free adds ever .. So how come it say try again

  • Goofy 4 months ago


  • Paul Carr 4 months ago

    No way this was right. A year later and I've still never even gotten one ad. Zero. Zilch. At any time of day. Never had an ad blocker, and I've been in the U.S. the whole time. Clearly people were just guessing why they thought it was happening and stating it as fact, and to this day it's never been figured out

  • kooky 4 months ago

    Fuck man you could of summed up this video in like 3 minutes, Its why their is so many dislikes

  • Emcee Hammer 4 months ago

    I've been able to watch ads for the past few months usually on mobile. About a week ago the watch ads button just disappeared, only on mobile app. The button is there on desktop but I haven't been able to watch any yet. Can anyone verify if they have been able to watch ads for bits recently?

  • Anthony Hegedus 4 months ago

    I was able to get 22 bits

  • Mike Tython 4 months ago


  • Undead Limes 4 months ago

    The button doesn’t show up

  • The Reaper 4 months ago

    WARNING: This is fake. If you can no longer earn free Bits from ads and ads are disabled, then Twitch banned you from earning anymore.

  • cosypotatoman 4 months ago

    365 days old till this day

  • Emma Ward 4 months ago

    The "watch ads" button has never even shown up in my get bits no matter what I'm on. Mobile, desktop, and the twitch app :/

  • TxBorn #9313 4 months ago

    Thanks! I've been wondering why the bits doesn't work for me, but now that I know this, and now I'll stay up until midnight to grind bits. Its not like I have school in the morning or anything.

  • John Doe 4 months ago

    I have not been able to get bits for 2 months now ugh.

  • Gamers Paradise 4 months ago

    do VPNs mess with the bits ads?

  • VA_CookieChanArt/Gaming 4 months ago

    On mobile it only lets me watch one or two ads. After that greyed out. It's been stuck on try again later for months. My ad blockers off too. Still nothing. I even try at different times of days. Nothing

  • LittleGameDev 4 months ago

    I was watching a Game Dev stream and tried to donate some free bits, the add popped up and then glitched out. When I tried refreshing the stream it gave me the option again, I clicked it and watched the add. when the add was done it didn't give me the 5 bits it told me then told me to wait until the next day. It has not shown up again. I only used the free bits once that day was the second time I ever used it.

  • Grim 4 months ago

    Why the hell are you explaining what twitch is and how bits work. It's like explaining what WoW is on a video about how to beat a raid boss.

  • UniLlama 4 months ago

    I watched an ad to get bits, but i didnt get bits how come i didnt get any?

  • Cameron Pitre 4 months ago

    i got 1 bit

  • Tycho I See You 4 months ago

    this is stupid….i havent been able to watch ads for over 5 months so this whole video is wack lmao

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