OBS v23 update overview: New RTX NVENC, Twitch Integration and more!

The brand new OBS v23 update is probably one of the larger updates as of late. With version 23 comes a slew of new quality of life improvements that enhance the experience to make the software feel more complete. The look is still somewhat the same, but this update brought with it Twitch chat, stats, and dashboard integration! Now when you run the auto optimizer, you can link Twitch and it will automatically integrate your chat and channel update modules, deleting the need for other streaming software (nice work OBS team!). Also being feature heavily in this update is the “Official” implementation of Nvidia’s new RTX NVENC encoder. We recently tested out my 2070 with this encoder, linked below! Some smaller updates include, a PC stats module for quick glance to see how the PC is doing or if it needs fine tuning, new scene separation, audio filters, linux integrations, and much more. This update is one that will make a ton of streamers and content creators happy!

NVENC encoder test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSQQKgzR1LE&list=PLZMl_xfW5GN-UJgOLz4UC5dBlBmBRm_0v&index=16&t=0s

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  • Stealth_ ap 2 years ago

    You are absolutely awesome dude, thank you

  • Love of Gaming 2 years ago

    I take it they haven't fix Streamlabs OBS yet because you haven't did an update video.

  • kWONDERLAND 2 years ago

    The features (Chat and Information) are not showing up for me anymore. Any clue why? It just worked a couple of hours ago.

  • Prismatic 2 years ago

    As someone new to OBS I was struggling to get those chat boxes to pop up again, the auto config fixed it

  • Dining with Lana 2 years ago

    Wooow seen many OBS v23 YT videos but none mention the Twitch implementation and extra stats. Awesome!

  • Jason Binney 2 years ago

    That's not the RTX encoder. They changed the way that NVENC works on all Nvidia GPUs. There's no real reason to not use it as it gets rid of an unnecessary step in the encoding process and frees up a lot of CPU.

  • Teenox_ 2 years ago

    Does this update also apply to streamlabs?

  • Julio Velez 2 years ago


  • TheGamingCatz 2 years ago

    For me after the update my audio mixer isnt there

  • StiFu 2 years ago

    HI There ! 😉 I have problem with my OBS. When i turn on any game and capture with OBS is verry lagging but only OBS not game. In game for example having 100fps but OBS has 20-25 fps even i not capture game with OBS just playing but the program its ON its still lagging, but im working on deskopt writing notes or surfing on the net its 60 fps. Help me please 🙂

  • Machacador1996 2 years ago

    Any info when they are integrating youtube? xD

  • Sheet Man 2 years ago

    Yeah… everything you said is 100% true, if you have a $2,000 computer…. I can't stream in 720p thanks to the new update… OBS crashes every time I click "Stream" If I'm trying to use my hardware encoder which is the only way I could stream 720p… So thanks for taking away my ability to stream PS2/PS3 Games OBS.

  • Glynne Tolar 2 years ago

    No Downstream Keyer, not complete.
    But I guess the 'gamers' are happy.

  • DHIX YT 2 years ago


  • Lange 2 years ago

    you can hide all of your options i mean settings, scenes and all the other things but how do you un hide them plz help 🙂

  • Benjamin Green 2 years ago

    wait this is actually amazing

  • easin haque 2 years ago

    voice is to much filtered with bass

  • Александр Воронцов 2 years ago

    This update work only with RTX version?

  • CODY YOU KNOW ME 2 years ago

    to much pink

  • yurimaster 2 years ago

    Great video! Quickly explained every new important feature in detail.

  • Patricio_ tv 2 years ago

    Good review. I didn't notice all new features in spite of reading the update notes lol

  • SabortoothDonkey 2 years ago

    I dont have the twitch integrations!! what do I do?

  • Brian B 2 years ago

    Good stuff sir absolutely great video ty

  • Beardy Glasses 2 years ago

    I didn't even notice the auto config, super handy stuff.

  • MeeMaw TheGeekyGranny 2 years ago

    Ooooooooo, awesome stuff!

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