mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #4 – Quotes System

How to add a quotes system which randomly picks quotes in your twitch chat bot!

Pastebin Script: http://pastebin.com/btt953HT

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mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #4 – Quotes System
mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #4 – Quotes System
mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #4 – Quotes System
mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #4 – Quotes System
mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #4 – Quotes System
mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #4 – Quotes System
mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #4 – Quotes System



  • HartZ 4 years ago

    Did everything here and I can't get the code to work.. :/

  • Rezo Lyncher 4 years ago

    CraftingMotion Hello im a streamer and interested in making my own bot but i wish to have an overlay in obs that can manually show the amounts of games won and lost.I don't know if you're familiar with the game destiny at all?
    anyways would you know how to do this….i wouldnt know how to write the code in myself.

  • VijoPlays 4 years ago

    Hrm… While it is possible to store multiple quotes for me (right now), the bot doesn't actually save the quotes in the text file.
    Can someone post their working one so I can find my problem?

  • DeathArmy 4 years ago

    It's possible to break line on Twitch Chat with this chatbot?

  • Niels M. 4 years ago

    this is the last video in seven months what happend???????????????????????

  • Chris Fredriksson 4 years ago

    Have you thought of making more videos? Would love to see more, really loved these ones!! =)

  • Way Cast Cool! ! 4 years ago

    Is there any way to make a !submit command so that an mIRC bot will gather the data and put it into a google doc/txt file?

  • Gashy 4 years ago

    Guys if you would like a command to delete a quote via chat here you go 🙂 ;

    on *:TEXT:!quotedel *:#: {
    if ($nick !isop #) { return }
    write dl quotes.txt $2 $+
    msg $chan /me $nick deleted quote; $2-

  • Mzzterr 4 years ago

    i have a question that doesnt relate to this video but it does relate to mIRC twitch bots stuff, whenever i tried to make a command only run when broadcaster/moderator runs it, only the broadcaster can use the command, this is what i have:

    on $*:text:/!points (add|remove)/Si:#:{
      if ($nick !isOp #) { return }
      if ($0 < 3) { msg # Insufficient parameters: user !points <add|remove> <user> [number] | return }
      writeini n Points.ini $+(#,.,$3) Points $calc($readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$3),Points) $iif($2 == add,+,) $iif($4 isnum,$4,1))
      { msg $chan $3 now has $readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$3),Points) total points. }
      else msg $chan Sorry, but you cannot use this command.

    is there something ive done wrong here? please keep in mind that im a little new to this stuff so please no harsh words 🙂 thanks for any help

  • Brayan #Noxious 4 years ago

    +CraftingMotion System of points/raffles/bankheist please!

  • Michaël Lauwereys 4 years ago

    Is it possible to not show the msg command to everyone but just the person who entered the command? Or via the whisper command /w username message?

  • L̷̲ᴇ̷̲ᴏ̷̲3̷̲8̷̲6̷̲3̷̲8̷̲ (ง'̀-'́)ง 4 years ago

    CraftingMotion I know you know how to code in java and Im working on a Lib to connect and make bots as easy as eating 🙂 Please check it and thnxs
    Link: https://github.com/CavariuX/TwitchIRC

    PD: Sry for posting this but no own knows my lib and I think it would be a good tool for starters, and it is still in alpha but its pretty complete thnxs for reading 😀

  • Ajamajan 4 years ago

    used this to make a lottery system (1 entry per person -> random winner) 😀

    edit: did you miss your daily upload already?

  • Squawk Android 4 years ago


    Loved the video and I always wanted a way to quote certain things from my streams xD

    I have 2 questions however. One is Is it possible to date and time the quotes when you make them for example "Insert quote here" – CraftingMotion, 30 May 2015. Is it possible or do we have to do that manually?

    My second question is if we wanted the bot to pull out a certan quote, how would we do so? Say I wanted quote #2 how can we make it choose that one in particular?

    For a video request, you could do the points system and if possible (I have been saying that a lot in this comment) add minigame where you can gamble for points and you have a chance of gaining or losing points you have entered. A bit like how deepbot has a minigame for it.

    Thanks in advance btw and keep on making videos, you have got thid challenge in the bag 😉

  • Nimolo 4 years ago

    I like your videos a lot but I don't know why you are doing a mIRC chat bot tutorial :/ Why you don't make a tutorial for a bot coded in java/c++ or maybe a bot like moobot/nightbot. Anyways good video.

  • CraftingMotion 4 years ago

    Video for tomorrow?! Post requests below 🙂


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