mIRC – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #3 – Advanced Scripts – Stop Command Spam / Flooding

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Script Example:

on *:TEXT:!youtube:#: {
if ((%floodyoutube) || ($($+(%,floodyoutube.,$nick),2))) { return }
set -u10 %floodyoutube On
set -u30 %floodyoutube. $+ $nick On
msg $chan My youtube is http://www.youtube.com/user/craftingmotion Don’t forget to subscribe! $+
on *:TEXT:!twitter:#: {
if ((%floodtwitter) || ($($+(%,floodtwitter.,$nick),2))) { return }
set -u10 %floodtwitter On
set -u30 %floodtwitter. $+ $nick On
msg $chan My twitter is http://www.twitter.com/crafting_motion Don’t forget to follow! $+
on *:TEXT:hello:#: {
if ((%floodhello) || ($($+(%,floodhello.,$nick),2))) { return }
set -u10 %floodhello On
set -u30 %floodhello. $+ $nick On
msg $chan Welcome $nick to Cron’s live show! $+

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  • FeatheredGryphon 1 year ago

    It doesn't work as it shoukd. It gives me only first cooldown, but second doesn't work. I made 5 second between anyone and 300 seconds individual. I can do commands after 5 second after someone else used it but I can't use even if I used it 5 seconds ago and not 300. Is it because I use my mod and owner account? Cause I would like to give cooldown for mods too…

    Or maybe it's because i didn't add "$+". But I don't know where. I have few lines of text. I should give it to every line or what? Cause I tried write it in many different places and it still gives only 5 seconds. Nah… my normal account can get command after 5 seconds too.

  • Jesus Ruiz 1 year ago

    Hi guy, nice video! I need use command /w to private msg, how do it?

  • Blanc_Sal 1 year ago

    how come after 3 times all my commands stop working?

  • Michael 1 year ago

    Lol, Not saying anything bad just asking, did you actually make all this code cuz I found your article posted 10 days before this was uploaded asking how to make it xD

  • The Lemon King 1 year ago

    Audio gets quieter and quieter every episode
    Great tutorial!

  • jblue3424 1 year ago

    everytime i run this i get an error saying IF(%FLOODHELLO)  Unknown Command, anyone experienced this and fixed it?

  • Tudi20 1 year ago

    I maked this but I still can use the !help ! 

    on *:TEXT:!help:#: {
      if ((%floodhelp) || ($($+(%,floodhelp.,$nick),2))) { return }
      set -u10 %floodhelp On
      set -u30 %floodhelp. $+ $nick On
      msg $chan Commands: !help.

  • Zack Kenin 1 year ago

    whenever my script has spaces before it after i press ok it deletes the spaces… so i pretty much cant get ANYTHING working

  • D7e9 1 year ago

    guys i want from my bot to welcome new subs can any one help me plz

  • Wiley Coyote 1 year ago

    When I make a command and I type it into the chat a few times, I get this:

    <JTV> Your message was not sent because it is identical to the previous one you sent, less then 30 seconds ago.

    It's the same when others use it within a short time, within the space of 30 seconds. Thing is, I get this when I haven't written the script to stop flooding. It's complicating testing a bit. Is there a way around this?

    EDIT: The message seems to appear for commands like " !testing ". When I tried commands like " Hello " I didn't get that message.

  • dav666777 1 year ago

    Hey, is there a reference guide somewhere with a list of all available keywords and functions? I'm familiar with this syntax but I don't know, for instance, the different events I can use and their parameters.

  • iWalker14 1 year ago

    Nevermind I figured it out thanks!! 🙂

  • iWalker14 1 year ago

    Yo sweet tut! But anyone know why my variables won't turn off?? :/

  • Tristan Marroquin 1 year ago

    Dude how did you learn all of this?

  • Gothika_47 1 year ago

    Doesnt twitch chat autoblock you if you use the same word 2-3 times in row?

  • Living In A Simulation 1 year ago

    Ok I guess I'll inbox you 😀 (yes I think it's something about that alias that you mentioned 😛 )

  • Living In A Simulation 1 year ago

    Also is there a way i can put something like an identifier in the "on event" instead of writing the same thing over and over again for "on event" so i can write for example:




    and then write

    on *:TEXT:SPAMMED TEXT:#: {
    if ((%floodSPAMMED TEXT) || ($($+(%,floodSPAMMED TEXT.,$nick),2))) { return }
    set -u10 %floodSPAMMED TEST On
    set -u30 %floodSPAMMED TEXT. $+ $nick On
    msg $chan … $+


  • Living In A Simulation 1 year ago

    Aaa I get it! 🙂 BTW fastest reply i received on a yt comment 😛

  • Living In A Simulation 1 year ago

    Hey great tut!

    Q: Why do you have -u10 and in the other line -u30 can you explain what -u30 does?

  • Aerius Colossus 1 year ago

    point System eheh 😀 thanks in advance 🙂

  • FragZone 1 year ago

    How often do you plan on releasing videos for this series?

  • Jeffrey Morrison 1 year ago

    Thanks for this video. The -u10 is the amount of seconds you want the command to be unavailable right? So I could turn that number to say -u15 and it would be 15 seconds? Or is there more to it? Also, how do I limit commands to just Mods or myself? Last question, you said you would do a "slots" video. I have an idea for my own version of it. Anyway to fit 255 random variables to appear in slots? I just want people to be able to go !slots and have a word appear randomly out of the list of words.

  • Aerius Colossus 1 year ago

    thats going to be insane 🙂 if u want something from diablo 3 ^^ jus send pm

  • Aerius Colossus 1 year ago

    I mean that bot that gives tokens to people every 5/10/15 minutes they stay in the channel.

  • Aerius Colossus 1 year ago

    Sup m8, can u do a tutorial with a Reward System Bot? Ive been trying with the loyalty bot but i dont know how to set it up 🙂 Peace and thanks for ur tutorials

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