Minecraft Tutorials: How to Install FTB Modpacks With Twitch/Curse! (Windows7/8/8.1//10)

Hello Everyone!!
Today I will show you the easiest way to download and play any FTB modpack! You can also get other modpacks by clicking “BROWSE ALL MODPACKS”!

(Note: The app is called Twitch now.)

Alternative NO CURSE: https://youtu.be/BjphSg0D3qo

FTB URL: http://www.feed-the-beast.com/

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCAfRImZ_0G9qQDRzzkqcaNf4RkG8WfcB

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Outro: Pulse – Evgeny Kiselevich – https://goo.gl/bqQXXb



  • Acid 3 years ago

    it installed twitch -_-

  • GoodGamer3000 3 years ago


  • Xaver Hebok 3 years ago

    at intro tip headset users lol

  • Raj Infy 3 years ago

    thanks bro

  • SgtWaffles 3 years ago

    that intro gave me a heart attack

  • Ashton 3 years ago

    omg so fast to do thx for this vid 🙂

  • This Epic Life 3 years ago

    heavy breathing

    helped a lot though! Thank you!

  • Egg Boi 3 years ago

    It's just black when I try to go to curse

  • Aaron McCluskey 3 years ago

    anyone else getting 'invalid install location' then ' one or more of the folders in the path contains a special,non-alphanumeric character' ?

  • Prancin Kartif 3 years ago

    pls help it just says my file dosnt work????

  • TheKingHu 3 years ago

    i hope this dude reaches 10k one day

  • Jackjackog23 3 years ago

    Thank you 😀

  • Ricom561 3 years ago

    Thanks For helping!!! 😀

  • lucas jansson 3 years ago

    Easy. Fast. I love it man good video! 🙂

  • Mateo Fernandez 3 years ago

    yo this video made me feel like an idiot… well I'm glad I have the game running now glad u made this video

  • Wyatt Hopkins 3 years ago

    I'm installing modpack but there is no mods in any profile. What is wrong?

  • NichtNachFragen 3 years ago

    nice vidio thx

  • Listening is hard 3 years ago

    nice video thanks bro

  • Deihl Leiding 3 years ago

    My game says I can only play the demo even though I own minecraft on this computer

  • buckwildcheese 3 years ago

    HOW DO I MOVE IT TO THE DESKTOP sorry caps and nice vids

  • Baptiste Pattyn 3 years ago

    ty man this was really helpful!!!!

  • iLikeChocolate 3 years ago

    My friend has hes own server. And all of my friends want to play on ftb… But my friend has a new computer and he hates Curse… We will play on the old ftb when u didnt need Curse, do u know how he can download it without Curse? If u know I would be so happy!

  • Pro_Killer_PvP_s xd 3 years ago

    Need minecraft premium

  • jorden elsberry 3 years ago

    dude this helped a lot thank you

  • Miko S 3 years ago

    This is all great but is it just as easy to uninstall the modpack if I don't like it? If so, could you tell me how to do it?

  • James Conroy 3 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Nadav Shriki 3 years ago

    this is a good video but the quality is a little low in my opinion i am still giving it a like though because it still helped me.

  • 0 o 0 3 years ago

    thank you so much it helped

  • Rick de Graaf 3 years ago

    sad you have 49 subs, the video was great but the quality could be better, i think you are gona get real big

  • Marco Pitzettu 3 years ago

    TF… only let's me play a demo

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