Minecraft Tutorial :: How to Stream to Twitch TV from Minecraft 1.8! (Works in 1.7.3 thru 1.8.9!)

Learn to set up your Minecraft account to stream directly to Twitch from inside your game! Works in Minecraft 1.7.3 through 1.8.9! To stream from Minecraft 1.9 and onwards, download OBS Studio from http://www.obsproject.com/

NOTE: It now takes 24 hours to link Minecraft to Twitch. If you can’t stream before then, WAIT!

If you need further help, be sure to click on the help article below! And if you want a reply to your comments, please make sure you have enabled comment replies in your Google Plus profile!

Operating System Requirements to stream to Twitch:
● Windows 7 or 8 (32 or 64-bit), or Mac OS X 10.8 (64-bit only) or newer. Linux is not currently supported.
● Apple computers also require Soundflower: http://cycling74.com/products/soundfl….
● OpenGL 1.5 or newer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenGL
● An integrated or standalone microphone.
If your computer doesn’t support streaming via Minecraft, you may want to try a standalone streaming program.

Mojang’s Help Article: https://help.mojang.com/customer/port…

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  • The Doctor 4 years ago

    How do you stream for versions 1.9 to 1.11.2?

  • anime_chick XD 4 years ago

    I went to the page (0:41) but the twitch button wasn't there! All it said was stuff about security. HELP!!!

  • TheAtomicGamers 4 years ago

    It dosent even say link acc i dont have the thing below Secure

  • Jamin4k 4 years ago

    2222 subs. gg

  • _Keontae Rulez 4 years ago

    it wont work4me it says
    unable to load the libraries needed for the integrated twitch broadcasting service

  • Rambo_YT - Gaming, Vlogs and More! 4 years ago

    Thank you! You really helped me!

  • VictorRH - Minecraft PvP 4 years ago

    I migrate my account,but when I try to go to Broadcast settings it's show i don't migrate,but i migrate.-.

  • StevenDaGamer (Cancellinq) 4 years ago

    i have to pick the miami fl one

  • Sienna OoO 4 years ago

    Thanks so much Chris, I couldnt find out how to work it so I looked up how to make twitch work from minecraft and you were the first to show up! Thank you!!

  • Taggamon Games 4 years ago

    thank you buddy this helps. if you like to join me in my streaming I stream on Tuesdays and my twitch is Taggamon

  • HomoHpo 4 years ago

    It told me to migrate my account and when I did it said I can only have one mine craft account?

  • the noah show 4 years ago

    how do you do this is 1.9?

  • Brandon Hatley 4 years ago

    What does it mean by migrate account? Answer asap… I want to start streaming today since I have no school today.

  • Hell_Wizard96 4 years ago

    What do i do it keeps saying i need to migrate my minecraft account

  • Septic Ian 4 years ago

    mine just keeps saying i have to re bind it when its binded

  • BIG_CLARKY 4 years ago

    Do a tutorial for 1.9

  • Scott Sangster 4 years ago

    mines keeps saying migrate account but when i go to migrate it, it dosnt migrate

  • Marlee Wild 4 years ago

    omg thanks you help me so much

  • Darkness Combo 4 years ago

    Help, I binded my twitch and mojang account, but when I looked in the Minecraft game, it said I need to rebind.

  • MCPELoopies_YT 4 years ago

    What about Super Mario Maker or Minecraft Pocket Edition?

  • Anti Bugs 4 years ago

    i need help!! it says that im not migrated but i did the steps and it says im migrated on the website but not on minecraft

  • CHRE 4 years ago

    How do I do the sunflower download 

  • xD00MIEx 4 years ago

    Standalone mic means it cant work with ah headset? :T

  • RuthlessGam3r 4 years ago

    mine has a white screen with just audio when im live?help pls

  • Russell Alson 4 years ago

    How come Im getting a error message when I click connect to twitch account?

  • All Around Anna 4 years ago

    when I went connected my mojang account to my twitch one and when into minecraft, when I went into broadcasting settings, all it said was cancel and migrateaccount HELP

  • dacmod1 4 years ago

    my twitch just says offline with no audio but on minecraft it says im live hlp plz

  • Happy 4 years ago

    when i try stream with obs minecraft is just white idk why

  • MrDumyman - Minecraft Og Mer! 4 years ago

    help! When I click Brodcast Settings its says: Before you can brodcast through Twich, you will need to mirgate your Minecraft accound. Would you like to do that now? but I alleready have done it!!!!

  • oouch 4 years ago

    my twitch account is in mojang account but it says to rebind it

  • oouch 4 years ago

    it doesnt work for me everytime i try it always says to migrate account

  • ItsWyatt 4 years ago

    uhhh, it asks for 10 cents ;-; for then verification for the account linking

  • Mjac150Films 4 years ago

    When i try streaming anything my stream is just white and there is just the audio. Any Suggestions?

  • sonder 4 years ago

    it shows its connected on the mojang but when i go to my setting on mc it just says that i still need to hook it up and ive tried getting off minecraft and back on ;-; help me child

  • SS Legend 4 years ago

    I muted my microphone but people can hear me in stream :/

  • Eva The Diva 4 years ago

    It asks me if I want to migrate my account,but i already did. When i try to migrate my account again it does nothing,Help? ;-;

  • - NexaPlayZ 4 years ago



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