MacieJay Shows Perfect C4 Counter Tutorial !?! | Rainbow Six: Siege Twitch Clips

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  • Rainbow6 Hub 7 months ago

    Hope you all have been enjoying my recent videos! I'm taking your criticism and I'm spending more time trying to get better clips! Also note I won't be including Pengu clips in my videos anymore. Make sure to subscribe if you liked the video <33

  • Thibaut Fauchier 7 months ago

    Hahaha Katja is so cute when she laughs

  • Crispy N1nja 7 months ago

    I love Custard😂

  • Zomb1e Fragz 7 months ago

    wooden couch…. of course you would die

  • Connor Kruer 7 months ago

    86% aren’t subscribed because this is nothing original and there’s no reaction or face of this channel. This is a video you watch for the title clip and immediately close it or just watch half interested in a few other clips. The fact that you make money from just compiling other people’s content is gross. 😂 like if this was your career imagining explaining to people that you don’t even provide original content and basically you’re a montage maker

  • plexthekid 7 months ago

    dan is so wierd wish the cam omg!

  • 3_louis_0 7 months ago

    Love you vids man , keep making more

  • Hxpers 7 months ago

    Oh my god, 7:16 is my clip. I kept trying to re-create it in terrorist hunt but couldn't. And 15 seconds before that I managed to get my initial frag grenade through the drone hole too.. smh

  • Sterxy 7 months ago

    2:20 – Howdy, thank you so much for the feature, was definitely a nice surprise! Big love <3

  • DDSam 7 months ago

    Yo thanks for including the clip I made of Macie's flawless C4 tutorial!! I never thought something i clipped would made it on Youtube, thanks a lot my man!!

  • Más rapido Tyron 7 months ago

    0:47 Because you get out of a ranked
    Fkin T O X I C.

  • kkmanman 7 months ago

    My mind is the same as the chat's when MacieJay talking about c4 in the first clip.

    Me: Really? Why don't u show us once? hahaha

  • Soko R6 7 months ago

    3:52 anyone else thought he was on console? From the way the players were playing

  • Domzys 7 months ago

    can you not put bot bronze clips ? like who would ever want to see that

  • jack_0703 7 months ago

    that laugh at 3:45 xD

  • Joe 7 months ago

    8:42 "Oh no someone killed me, better report him because I'm a streamer and anyone who kills a streamer is either cheating or stream sniping"🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Quinton Kent 7 months ago

    Wow ive been watching for a while and never realized i wasnt subed haha oof

  • AyeItsAK. 7 months ago

    Dude that clip with the vigil, is the embodiment of…

    streamer dies
    Streamer: He wasnt on my screen
    the window was opened

  • Ujjawal Singh 7 months ago

    People still playing R6 ??

  • oK 7 months ago

    Why would i sub to a random ass highlights channel lol

  • xXxplosivezZz 7 months ago


  • 19cooldude19 7 months ago

    protip, running the g8a1 on either op you can is good

  • Justin Valerio 7 months ago

    I’m subbed 🙂

  • Vegas_BoyZ 7 months ago

    Idk why but King George annoying af he's like a wanna be Summit1g

  • Leon 7 months ago

    I watch this live too XD

  • Prashanth Umashankar 7 months ago

    I just subscribed for you mate, felt sad to see such a huge gap for your hardwork. Keep up mate 👍

  • Mast3r Gam3r 7 months ago

    But it is a soft surface as in it can be wallbanged, and because of shrapnel, it is able to hit you through the couch.

  • Montagne Gign 7 months ago

    Streamer: dies
    Also streamer: he's cheating! Or streamsniping!!

  • Diego Maglaya 7 months ago

    streamers bro 5:50 was very opened LMAO smh for streamers who make excuses and 8:40 aswell when streamers do that play they act like they are gods but them when someone those it to them its hacking

  • Cadrid - 7 months ago

    I subscribed

  • rickashay _BB 7 months ago

    "Maybe he's hacking" no bruh he's making a peek hole

  • aGamingGamer 7 months ago

    omg i thought since we all know mj big brain it was actually a c4 counter but we just got memed on lol thanks for vid 😀

  • Bob Smithers 7 months ago

    2:05 lmao that guy has a contagious laugh loooool

  • aGamingGamer 7 months ago

    hi… i guess

  • CLVRKE 7 months ago

    i hate easilyy.SQ with a PASSION

  • I_am_sme11y 7 months ago

    8:42 oh come on, why'd he report him?

  • Ibrahim Yassine 7 months ago

    when macie takes the chats advice… XD

  • Oliver Miller 7 months ago

    Damn that amaru Clutch had me dying

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