Lure painting Tutorial. 2" Twitch Bait-Exotic Perch Pattern

This is the type of the lures i love to use at the beginning of the season, late Spring or early Summer. It might look like an exotic pattern,but if you look better it looks quite well like a perch,that’s why i called this pattern Exotic Perch 🙂
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  • Jose Liranzo 9 months ago

    Beautiful work

  • Alfatih Angler Lybaz 9 months ago

    Thanks for tuto 🙏
    Amazing paint 🙏 i can try make at home 👍

  • Custom 22 9 months ago

    Awesome man! Always enjoy watching your videos. Can you tell me what that tool is called that you are using to smooth out the foil?

  • laimis nesvarbu 9 months ago

    Plz add link a devcon epoxy

  • compet santos 9 months ago

    Untuk bagian lidah pakai bahan dari apa…??

  • Ric Lindsey 9 months ago

    I dont get it– your paint job is over aluminium foil

  • טל הרוו 9 months ago

    Nice job
    What pen do you use that is not smeared with epoxy

  • João ribeiro possante filho Possante 9 months ago

    Muito top

  • Arab Fisherman 9 months ago

    Muito top… Parabéns pelo trabalho 👏👏👏

  • lê thành 9 months ago

    please glue information?

  • Pumpe-Düse 9 months ago

    Hi, wonderful work! What material do you use for lips? Thanks!

  • ภาวนา เพริศแก้ว 9 months ago


  • IRMÃO CAR 9 months ago

    PERFECT…. Top faz uma pra mim.. dessa 😍 please….

  • рус гай 9 months ago

    Здравствуйте, как называется краска? Где её можно купить?

  • eric richard 9 months ago

    comment preparez vous le scellent apres le ponçage de vos leurres merci possible une video

  • Luis Negrón 9 months ago

    Hi my friend…! What product did you use at final coat? Marine sealer? Expo?
    How can I get a set of your lures?

  • GoGoRi Fishing 9 months ago

    great job..

  • Alcatraz_26 9 months ago

    What do you use for final coating ? that glue you heated ?

  • dediharianto dedi 9 months ago


  • JeanPhi JPP 9 months ago

    Quel travail d'artiste ! Bravo !

  • Tomasz Jatczak 9 months ago


  • jampatoe 9 months ago

    Hi, what kind of foil is that and where do you get it?

  • Gene Fishing TV 9 months ago

    Amazing brother thanks for sharing… hope you can connect to me too. God bless

  • LeoFIN / Fishing.Gaming.Humour 9 months ago

    very nice video man! excellent job well done!

  • jishnu p s 9 months ago

    We are snakehed hunders so please do a vedio for that lure

  • Christopher Romina 9 months ago


  • Guillermo L. Trillo Nunes 9 months ago

    Espectacular! Te felicito!

  • Yohan Bizot 9 months ago


  • Felipe Telles 9 months ago

    Muito top vc é fera demais,muito linda suas iscas.

  • Brian 9 months ago


  • Ивaйло Кaмбуров 9 months ago

    What material do you use for lips?

  • Henry 9 months ago

    Great job- what foil tape do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Estiben Cardenas 9 months ago

    Excelente, una pregunta usas pintura acrílica

  • Paul Austero 9 months ago

    Nicely done! Tight lines! From the Philippines..yewwww!

  • Lomnjac007 9 months ago

    Why clear cote the lure before painting too?

  • E.B. Lures 9 months ago

    Great paint job

  • Pescador Mexicano 9 months ago

    amazing video thank you for sharing your knowledge Bejan!

  • Gabriele Gianotti 9 months ago

    Hi, may I ask you if you use a reducer to spray the createx colors? Congrats for the beautiful work!

  • Čedomir Jakšić 9 months ago

    Masterwork BRAVO!!!

  • Jose carlos de paula Paula 9 months ago

    Meus parabéns está isca artificial artesanal ficou muito bem feita

  • Lure Crazy Alba 9 months ago

    Awesome 🙂👌🎣

  • pescari Bănățeni 9 months ago

    Dacă nu e cu supărare, as vrea sa îl fac și eu modelul acesta! E superb ✌️ are cam 5 cm și 3,5-4 gr! Foarte frumos! Salut 👋 și spor!

  • Gene Rosen 9 months ago

    I love your work !!! Keep it up brother do you have any lures for sale ?

  • Matteo Bresciani 9 months ago

    Good job!! I would like to see the swim of your lure.

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