LOW-LEVEL C TUTORIAL – CS50 on Twitch, EP. 21

Join CS50’s Nick Wong for a look at C for lower-level usage than we typically cover in the course, touching on such topics as system calls, strace, and more!

Co-hosted by Colton Ogden. Join us live on Twitch at twitch.tv/cs50tv and be a part of the live chat!

This is CS50 on Twitch.



  • Biszaal Tech 2 years ago

    how did you download Ubuntu (as Virtual Machine) on Mac? I tried using different software but It didnt work.

  • Clod Gozon 2 years ago

    search "Bisqwit" here in Youtube and watch his videos.

  • J D 2 years ago

    won't machine learned programs make C programming and low level stuff obsolete in next few years?

  • Robert Owl 2 years ago

    I had a giggle at these comments.

  • Jay prakash 2 years ago

    o/ Awesome

  • F Society 2 years ago

    in this tutorial what standard C do you use?

  • Charbel Sarkis 2 years ago

    Can you pleaaaaase make a video on this error: "Allocation of incomplete type"

  • Nick Friddell 2 years ago

    Awesome stream. But holy balls is that guy on the right difficult to look at. His appearance makes me cringe. And every chance he gets he's like, "I do game dev btw"

  • scoff 2 years ago

    You can't even do the basics like reading from file without checking it on google lol

  • Afiz 2 years ago

    how did you record your screen and video with transparent background ????

  • Cipher Tester 2 years ago

    When did C become a low-level language?

  • Christ Samaniego 2 years ago

    Thanks Colton and Nick
    Love your Live Streams.

  • Mr b3h3m0th 2 years ago

    The Worst C programming ever seen

  • HL R 2 years ago

    Excellent. Extremely informative. Thank You.

  • Dream YouTube 2 years ago

    Enjoyed specially last part so many country….. 🙂 Thanks 😉

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