Live Stream Voice Tutorial for Twitch w/ Adobe Audition CC + OBS (Free Download – God Voice)

Free Download Audition Project. Twitch Live Stream voice effects using Adobe Audition CC, OBS (or xsplit), and Virtual Audio Cable.

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Note: I optimized the file and fixed the delay some were experiencing! Let me know how it works!

This guide will show you how to setup Audition CC to feed live, processed audio into ANY program.

Works with:
– XSplit
– Skype
– ANY Program with audio input

What you need:
1.) Virtual Audio Cable (VAC)
2.) Adobe Audition
3.) Download the Psynaps Voice Project File

See more info, diagrams, and download project file on my website (link below):

Download the project files on my website:



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  • Aquana Fox 3 years ago

    Nice video, I have a question can you help me or suggest what equipment I would look that helps with a mic that translates to another language or is there a mic itself that does that. I hope you can help me. Thanks

  • Lovers of Game 3 years ago

    Can you do it for Reaper????

  • Peter Plantec 3 years ago

    This was very helpful except when I installed the virtual cable, all sound stopped…I hadn't read (my bad) all the instructions. So I ran the troubleshooter and it removed a bunch of sound drivers. So I recommend that all of you read the instructions completely. Virtual Audio Cable is just a little tricky. Thanks for taking the time to share this info. I certainly saved me a lot of research.

  • TTV Sc4rRz 3 years ago

    spoiler allert : adobe is not free

  • Closed 3 years ago

    is this also working in Teamspeak?

  • ThreeColonist 3 years ago

    Great one

  • Lightmare 3 years ago

    line 1 doesn't appear for me u.u

  • Zehnor TV 3 years ago

    Very useful thank you

  • Ji Hun Park 3 years ago

    i love you

  • GAMB GAMB 3 years ago

    thanks, this will serve to come out as a good speaker on youtube haha! I suscribe/Google translator

  • Beansoup231 3 years ago

    why is your mouse twitching so hard @ 4:25

  • iKingRPG 3 years ago

    Wait, what why he want dvd quality? someone explain pls.

  • Balistictrain 3 years ago

    ear raped

  • Priscille Dhesse 3 years ago

    I spend 1 hour to install all the stuff for finally get a freaking "TRIAL" advert on the mic every freaking 5 secondes!
    All for nothing, nice.

  • Amine Saoud 3 years ago

    hello you are claver and thank you very much i love this MR

  • justinjm466 3 years ago

    Has anyone tried this with Steam/Discord? I going to try this with Steam/Discord later when I get time, if you used this with them let me know how it went.

  • iScoobyDoolive 3 years ago

    HELP , bro i try to save audio recording but it always blank when i play it

  • 3 years ago

    You could atleast have mentioned that you have to pay for adobe audition… "you have to run it in the background….AND PAY FOR IT"

  • mithumad143 3 years ago

    Helped a lot thanks for the video!

  • GamesUK 3 years ago

    hi I'm having a lot of problems keep on getting sising sounds in the background how to stop that I' using the batman voice

  • My Channel #1 3 years ago

    Check out the steam chart for Hero's and Generals.
    There seems to be at least 3,000 players on at a time.

  • Pato 3 years ago

    allah rızası için biri şunu türkçe yapsın

  • Martin Purvis 3 years ago

    Life saver, I forget every now and then about the repeater!

  • Robert Does Wrestling Reviews 3 years ago


  • iamtheboxer 3 years ago


  • Goron 3 years ago

    Im sorry but the voice is honestly horrible its way to echo-ishy

  • Alpha17x 3 years ago

    When he starts talking about the actual settings in the rack:

  • Kami Seffer 3 years ago

    You over did it with the effects. It's good and all, but too much is not a good thing.

  • Flux 3 years ago

    You give me a headache

  • Coldang 3 years ago

    oh i wish have this preset config with vst plugins only please.

  • Top Vidéos : Around The World 3 years ago

    Really Thanks To You Sir from Tunisia

  • Jezlee-Ann Pacio 3 years ago

    Can you do a tutorial for recording vocals with live mic effects using echo/reverb?

  • TheWarGamer11 - Gaming at its Finest 3 years ago

    Sounds very muddy…

  • MajeyeGaming 3 years ago

    Having trouble with the lady saying "trial" every 5 seconds? easy fix. BUY THE FULL VERSION OF VAC AND IT'LL GO AWAY. (its only $25)

  • Koeniig 3 years ago

    for me there is delay

  • Esteban Salvador 3 years ago

    Do you think i can used Micro in FL studio and get the sound in OBS. Using the effect of FL Studio or another sound software.

  • DrSalt 3 years ago

    i need help my audio just cuts in and out on obs

  • DrSalt 3 years ago

    when i put line one on obs it does not work

  • Amaterasu 3 years ago

    Hey there! Great Video! But somehow it sounds at my video like i would be a bit far away from my mic, do you know how to fix that?

  • Champe 3 years ago

    THanks a lot buddy. This was like mana for me 😀

  • Dan_of_Earth 3 years ago

    but… sound like shit

  • Sut4su 3 years ago

    Man thank you soooooo much for settings file, now my voice sounds so much better. Tried to set up the modifiers myselfbut couldnt such good result. Thank you!

  • Loonatron 3 years ago

    Stereo? Seriously?

  • nοtify. 3 years ago

    For y'all mac users u can use sound tap recorder as a virtual Audio cable

  • Irakli Mosulishvili 3 years ago

    Thanks, very helpful!

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