Is Twitch even trying…

This is a talk about Twitch’s Creator Dashboard by Devin Nash streamed on Twitch, he explained how inefficient the panel is despite having some features, all of them are basically thrown together without thinking twice making them unusable, which make you wonder, is Twitch even trying ?.

As a twitch streamer, you will think that the platform would give you all the tools necessary to make an educated guess what content your viewers want to see and in turn, based on how many people you can keep on the platform the more money you make and Twitch via ad revenue, bits, subs etc.

Devin makes a comparison with Youtube analytics in the middle of the video explaining what data should be available for a content creator to succeed on Twitch, later on, he explained exactly what data is allowed to be pulled via the API and processed by third-party websites like sullygnome or twitchtracker and what data is blocked.

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Special thanks to Devin Nash for this comprehensive talk.

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