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Hey Gamers, Welcome back to Twitch Tutorials. In this video I am covering the topic of what is a decent upload speed for streaming on Twitch! I hope that you find my Twitch Tutorials useful. If you did, be sure to subscribe and leave a comment and let me know!

This special in depth episode of Twitch Tutorials was created for my major project on Streaming on Twitch.

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Is My upload speed good enough to stream on Twitch?
What is a good upload speed to stream on Twitch?
Is 0.6 a good enough upload speed for streaming?
is 1mb a good enough upload speed for streaming?
How to stream on Twitch?

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  • PINGISKING 1 year ago


  • Alk lol 1 year ago

    Yooo i could stream if i had a better pc

  • YamiAnubisZX 1 year ago

    I have amazing upload speed, it's 0.60-0.85mbs, while download speed is what my plan is, 12MBS, sometimes it goes to 13.

    I'm getting Fiber 1000 with an unlimited plan this Thursday, so hopefully that will help with livestreaming my games to YouTube and such cause uploading stuff takes FOREVER and livestreaming is impossible.

  • Reckless Gamer 1 year ago

    My streams well enough but my game starts lagging could I help

  • David47 1 year ago

    Is 50mbps Enough For Streaming on twitch???😅

  • Matija Muljaic 1 year ago

    Can I stream on Youtube 720p 60fps at 9,69 download and 0.99 upload?

  • Nate Aroma 1 year ago

    i have 18.54
    upload speed

  • StarbuxsGurl 1 year ago


    My upload is: 1.3
    What should my bit rate be?
    What quality should my stream be at? 480p or 680p and frames?

  • Saltwor 1 year ago

    I have 8/0.40mbps, it's so bad, i hope i will get optic with 50/50mbps…

  • That guy mitch 1 year ago

    Need help!

    I want to start streaming online games with friends, since we always have a good time and laugh our heads off, I would like to share that with people, but I can’t stream properly otherwise my game lags heaps. I connect to the Internet wirelessly. I believe that if I connect my ps4 with the router using an Ethernet cable, my internet connection will significantly improve. But here’s the problem, our router is in my parents room which is about 15 metres away from the ps4 in the games room. I’ve tried moving the router in to the games room, but the Internet doesn’t work without the adsl cable, which connects to the wall in my parents room. So there’s no way of moving the router, and my parents do not want to swap rooms with the games room. Do I get a 15 metre Ethernet cable???

  • Ybebard 1 year ago

    with 7mbps download speed and 0,7 upload speed can i stream at 720p 60 fps with not problem?

  • Slippery TV 1 year ago

    i am watching this in 2019 and this was very helpfull i am streaming on twitch and i play hearthstone most of the time so i believe with 480p i do my job thanks agai <3

  • Affect 1 year ago

    How good would my stream be with 60mbp/s ?

  • JellyFingerMD 1 year ago

    Thank you for breaking this down for us. Going to check out some of your other vids. Thumbs up and subbed

  • Zz Panda 1 year ago


  • Sora Sensei 1 year ago

    I have 72 mbps upload speed and a ps4 pro and it works perfectly

  • EISPER 1 year ago

    Congratulations, very very good video! I was expecting another fake tutorial but yours was top notch bro, i love your mindset, keep it up!👊

  • Bh1xy 1 year ago

    how good is 3 mbps for streaming? can i stream 720p 60 fps without a problem?

  • KristianH1986 1 year ago

    Proof that shitty internet is no match for the power of girl gamers on twitch.

  • Ruthless Banditz 1 year ago

    I have 350 down 20 up would i be able to stream 1080p @60 with no issues.????

  • Narthax 1 year ago

    So if I have 3mbsp on I can stream Fortnite?

  • Abdou Djam 1 year ago

    thnx man ! you did a good job !

  • Good Game Sentinel 1 year ago

    can I live stream with my face and my gameplay for 7 mbps ulpload speed?and 30 mbps download?

  • Dragge 1 year ago

    I'm currently getting about 20 MB of download speed, 10 MB of upload speed and 26 ms
    Would I get a clear stream with no blur of I streamed pubg on xb1?

  • Asap Hustle 1 year ago

    I subbed man Great video!

  • Mars Vgc 1 year ago

    I have 3mbps upload and my friends still says my stream laggs

  • DAVE 1 year ago

    I have 20 uploud is ok ?

  • Blaze 1 year ago

    What if we have 100 upload

  • JonelKingas 1 year ago

    So what if I have upload speed of 93 mbpss how good can I stream and can i ?

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