How To View Twitch Chat Ingame (One Monitor)

Many of my subscribers and viewers have requested this tutorial, and finally I decided to make it. This tutorial will show you how to view your twitch chat ingame while streaming using only one monitor.

For this tutorial to work, you will need to download the two softwares that are listed below.

Download “Trillian” here:

Twitch Password generator:

This program makes Twitch so much better:

Music used:
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Music lincense:
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  • Alpha 19 3 years ago

    It’s cool but you can just download re stream and it’s also much easier and faster to download and use

  • José Amaro Júnior 3 years ago

    Thank you!

  • CareyEve36 3 years ago

    Not a bad video although you should have explained in further explained in detail how to connect trillian to twitch, I had to pause the video to see what you were typing in at 7:27. Also is there a way to increase the trillian font a bit? When people come in and chat, the names of the people are so small!

  • Jonas Jensen 3 years ago

    11:42 i don't get that messege

  • N.G.A.M 3 years ago


  • N.G.A.M 3 years ago

    its not working when I type my twitch name

  • Fox 1010 3 years ago

    When I try to checkmark the in game chat it stops responding

  • Curbell 3 years ago

    I like this video better the other guy sounded like he was waiting to die.

  • ItsOliver 3 years ago

    when i type in the twitch chat nothing comes up on trillian what do i do

  • kSEN 3 years ago

    Thank you very much for this tutarial

  • DanKyle_UK 3 years ago

    no, I connected it to twitch perfectly fine but when I press CTRL+T in game nothing happens… Help!

  • Not Masta 3 years ago

    Great tutorial bro,thanks 🙂

  • Majesty 3 years ago


  • Peton 3 years ago

    er du dansk?

  • Shotyy 3 years ago

    when i type the j/#and then my name it says unknown command?

  • DylxnGz 3 years ago

    Does this lower performance?

  • MISHO SHOW 3 years ago

    how can you see your viewers name ???????????

  • Peafoot 3 years ago

    you should of told us about the downside first now im going to delete this

  • daxerbreh 3 years ago

    Whenever I click enable in game chat it crashes elp me pls

  • Stennrick 3 years ago

    How can i fix that i can see how many that is watching me?

  • whoopdeefriggindoo 3 years ago

    Is there any way to hide it when you're streaming?
    I mean.
    Like steam overlay doesn't get recorded.
    I want to type but not let people see me type.
    How do i do that?

  • Adrian Catalin Popsor 3 years ago

    or just use steam web browser to connect to your twitch and use shift+tab to see your twitch chat

  • Parsalian7777 3 years ago

    ok so i got the overlay thing to work as intended.. Its not ideal cause i cant position it as i want but otherwise its ok for now. However my keyboard stopped working in game with Trillian active. Whats that about? Lol. If i close trillian it works again. ANy idea whats up with that? And i didnt bother checking your other video cause im not playing thrue Steam. My game is from 1999 😉

  • ZTG 3 years ago

    * Creating connection "Official_ZTG".
    * Connecting to at port 6667 using TLS…
    * Disconnected.* Creating connection "Official_ZTG".

  • BoromiROfGeo 3 years ago

    is there any way to increase font or text size while in game using trillian overlay?

  • agirlyboyTv On Twitch 3 years ago

    I have more than one monitor but hey i subbed to you please sub back but this video is extremely helpful! Man thanks Thumbs up for sure! Subscribe to this guy hes great!

  • CRIZP 3 years ago

    thats like windows 98 xd

  • Bradley Burke 3 years ago

    doesnt work in full screen

  • Drakgoku 3 years ago

    normal .. windowed always works… full screen not work , bad tutorial

  • Frosty 3 years ago

    Or, instead of getting all this stuff you could just use the steam overlay and pop the chat out…

  • Pikclez 3 years ago

    I don't get notifications while in game, any idea why? I get the ping, but no text appears in game

  • Justin Connor 3 years ago

    man thanks so much i am brand new to streaming and you seriously helped me, thanks

  • Henrique Tobias 3 years ago

    Could not make the in-game chat work for League of Legends! If anyone knows how to do this, PLEASE HELP!

  • Lucian Blake 3 years ago

    this dont workt if i use xsplit

    each time is start trillian. xsplit crushes 🙁

  • Terri Sinchak 3 years ago

    what do you do if you do everything right and then you type in /J# and your twitch user name and then it say unknown command?

  • Jonathan Fesmire, Steampunk Author 3 years ago

    Thank you! Going to give this on my Twitch steam now. I'm steampunkjon on Twitch, and about to play SteamWorld Dig.

  • VerytaS 3 years ago


  • DC2057 3 years ago

    Does this work even on full screen games?

  • DugDig 3 years ago

    at 4:26 it sounds like you say 'fuckin type it right' hahaha

  • Ralph Malek 3 years ago

    do you guys know if it works on LoL, cause i did everything well but when im ingame i press ctrl+t and nothing happens

  • The Galaga King 3 years ago

    I tried numerous times to enter my username in lowercase, in the status window and I keep getting an unknown command error. Any suggestions?

  • HAMM3R 3 years ago


  • TR0nyx Gaming 3 years ago

    Am your 6000 Subscriber !

  • Julian john 3 years ago

    i use my phone, i usually stream gta5 on twitch so i set my twitch up i use OBS to broadcast i start the stream open the game on pc i also have a samsung S2 i downloaded the twitch app free on google play store i log in on my phone i can now find my profile open up the stream on my phone i see everything the game am streaming and also the chat it also helps me see the quality of my stream so i know its working fine for my viewers too i can test sound see the chat respond to viewers it does help alot try it out for yourself, i mute my phone so my viewers dont hear audio repeat its self hope this helps someone

  • Burcas 3 years ago

    doesnt work for games like arma 2 or h1z1 anything with battle eye

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