How to use Twitch Soundtrack with OBS studio (DMCA free music)

How to setup and add Twitch Soundtrack to OBS studio tutorial.
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  • Fhroyo 1 year ago

    Did you make a video for Stream Labs OBS?

  • joinSPiTE Twitch 1 year ago

    He says he's not affiliated with Twitch. But he is. Liar.

  • joinSPiTE Twitch 1 year ago

    It's dumb. If you set it up correctly, music is only present during the live stream; it's removed from the recording. When it doesn't work properly it mutes my steam recording.

  • Haze Channel 1 year ago

    Thank you i was so confused bro , you help me so much .Thx from germany

  • Glaith 1 year ago

    So if I have the twitch soundtrack on main gaming PC so I can hear music and stream can as well, how do I make streaming PC work with it?

  • Watti 1 year ago

    생방만하면 저작권 있는노래 틀어도 되나여? 아니면 생방중에 정지당할수도 있나요?

  • Roger 1 year ago

    ive been using this for a couple streams and i got DMCA striked….

  • pelacaz 1 year ago

    you sir are a lordus !!!
    thank you

  • Jared Posta 1 year ago

    this doesn't work ?

  • Powervit 1 year ago

    Just a little question…Can i use those musics for my youtube videos?

  • Stephen Keltos 1 year ago

    Yeah that is my issues. no matter how many times I follow this video I never have the "VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch". OBS Studio has never been opened when I install or launch Soundtrack. Weird issue that actually annoying. Anyone had this issue and found a solution to it? I put in a support ticket with Twitch their turn around time for support tickets is horrendous.

  • Quintis 1 year ago

    Garbage app, never loads,

  • TV FALCONS 1 year ago

    Crap system us MUTED also INGAME SOUNDS

  • Za1d0 1 year ago

    my dude straight up blasted that rocket league song lmao 4:04

  • cheaddos 1 year ago

    Waiting for Streamlabs OBS Twitch Soundtrack video 🙂

  • Stenko Live 1 year ago

    talk too fast.

  • Suicide Kyd 1 year ago

    wow so many hoops when they should be fighting for people. justin tv fought harder then a billion dollar corp.

  • YankessBeatsツ 1 year ago

    what's with slobs configuration? it's tricky and now I have no audio in vods at all!!

  • TokkiPlayz 1 year ago

    Hope they release it for twitch studio beta soon. Promised to release it in December.. still waiting :(. Great video though!

  • lux 1 year ago

    I can’t see VOD audio soundtrack by twitch and I have restarted my obs

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