How to use Twitch App 2017

Twitch has released a desktop app that allows you to manage your account and see live streams from your favorite users. How do you use it? Watch this video

In this Tutorial, we go over how to use the Twitch desktop app in 2017. This video was done on September 22, 2017. Please leave your feedback in the comments how I can improve my content and if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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  • Jeff Spicolli 2 years ago

    I tried to sign up to Twitch but it was forcing me to create a impossibly complex password that I would never remember.

  • Xan VVK 2 years ago

    my twitch client closes after loading

  • jay bbsmith 2 years ago

    this look lame asf mane it would be better if we can play the game not watch somebody video smh

  • EPIC KING 2 years ago

    This did not help at all. There are sections missing explanations as this video doesn't even go into them. There's no way to add games it seems and so that section doesn't help. Never want into detail onto how to add games basically just said click this add your game. It never explains how. Sorry.

  • Ryn 2 years ago

    how the hell am i supposed to add games to my list? its late and its probably obvious but i cant figure it out. help!

  • Zach_king 1987 2 years ago

    Do you have to pay once a month or anything

  • redpearl_ 2 years ago

    when i click on videos or clips it opens twich from chrome. how can i fix that?

  • Josh TechGamer 2 years ago

    going to sub you cause I might be star using twitch lol use you tube stream but might go to TW watching your video and I sub to

  • Domingo 2 years ago

    Add me on Twitch!

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